Monday, 9 February 2009

Milking the Rhino

Writer/Director: David E. Simpson

Reason to see: Documentary showing a unique perspective on the affects of wildlife, people and conservation

When I first heard about Milking the Rhino, a documentary that shows the effects of wildlife from the perspective of the people that live literally alongside the animals, I was instantly intrigued. What would that be like? What effect would it have? Talk about having the possibility to be dangerous! The film covers all these questions and more.

The documentary follows the Maasai tribe in Kenya and Nambia's Himba on parallel journeys of living alongside wildlife. At times this can be dangerous, which results in differing yet strong opinions on how to deal with the danger. Should the dangerous animals be killed, or is there another alternative?

It is refreshing to see a documentary that showcased the positive in a troubling situation, and highlights the use unconventional thinking to turn a problem into something that can benefit the community. The idea of turning the tables by highlighting the wildlife through conservation is brilliant. It also benefits the tourism and discusses the tourism industry with transparency showing that the conservations present wildlife to the tourists which reinforces the images and expectations of their experience while visiting Africa. The real focus is on the communities, and how the changes benefit them, the land and the wildlife. Powerful and enlightening, Milking the Rhino is a fascinating journey to take.

Milking the Rhino is screening as a part of Doc Soup this Wednesday February 11, 2009 at 6:30 and 9:15PM at the Bloor Cinema in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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