Saturday, 21 February 2009

Spirit Awards - Update

I was looking forward to live tweeting through the Spirit Awards today at 5pm which will be 'Live and Uncut' on IFC at 5pm EST. Unfortunately it is not on IFC here in Canada so it will not be on TV in the Great White North until the repeat on AMC Canada at 10pm EST. If you need a refresher on the nominees check them out here.

So, as it won't be live I won't be live tweeting but will be sure to share thoughts on the show and the winners list after the (repeat) broadcast.

Update to update (4:45pm) - looks like it might be live streamed here. Well shall see if it keeps up during the show.

Update on previous update (5:08pm) - the live streaming is the press room at the awards, not the actual awards. I'm going to watch the edited version on AMC later tonight

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