Saturday, 21 March 2009

DIY Entertainment Club - March 2009


I think this is the first DIY club where I've not only seen but reviewed all the films I purchased. This month was a 2-step process, my original selections were Twilight and [REC], but I couldn't resist picking up Let the Right One In / Låt den rätte komma in so I could enjoy both of the fantastic vampire films released in 2008. The common theme, beyond the fact that the three films are rather dark, is that they were all big experiences of last year. The Twilight phenomena exploded from book to screen this fall along with tons of news and rumours about the upcoming adaptations of "New Moon" and "Eclipse" (2nd and 3rd books respectively). The vamps don't stop there as the Swedish vampire film won over the hearts of festival goes & film fans everywhere with Let the Right One In / Låt den rätte komma in. At times I call it the Juno 0f 2008 - sure the films are nothing alike, but everyone, and I mean everyone, loved them. Last but not least is the Spanish horror film [REC] which I was thrilled to see in the theatre with a captive audience. This is a brilliant film that unfortunately did not get a regular release but was subjected to becoming remade to the sub par Quarantine. The happy news is that [REC] is available on DVD and there are musings of a sequel in the works.

Let the Right One In / Låt den rätte komma in
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Let the Right One In / Låt den rätte komma in
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Bruce said...

Just read your review of Let the Right One In from the Toronto Film Festival. I think it's one of the better vampire movies of last year.

blake said...

I can't jump on the Twilight train, but you couldn't be more right in your review of Let the Right One In.

I would also like to personally thank you for bringing me to [REC]. I'm so embarrassed for American cinema to think about sloppy-seconds Quarantine.

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Thank Bruce - I agree Let the Right One In is it is one of better vampire movies of the year, but all and all I don't think there were too many of them overall. I was thrilled to get a chance to see it at Toronto After Dark Film Festival.

I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed [REC] Blake, and thrilled I could contribute to getting you to see it!

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