Thursday, 5 March 2009

Lost Song

Writer/Dir: Rodrigue Jean (Yellowknife, Full Blast)
Cast: Suzie LeBlanc, Patrick Goyette, Marilou Longpré Pilon, Ginette Morin
Canada, 2009

Seen: Feb 1, 2009 at Cinematheque Ontario

Reason to see: One of the films selected for Canada's Top Ten 2008

A quiet and contemplative film, Lost Song is an interesting reprieve of horror and comedy that appear in the theatres during these early months of the year. The film follows a couple who have become new parents and retreat to cottage surroundings while the infant is still very young.

I wrote recently about how the stories on faith can divide audiences and sprout opinions. The only thing I can think of that creates more opinions than faith is the subject of how to raise children. What do they need, not need, what environment should they be in, what is okay and what is not. Opinions, judgements and actions are adeptly depicted throughout Lost Song which is quite a feat considering there are very few characters. The film also walks the line of looking at identity, and how it can change and morph depending on the circumstances or company. The beauty of the film is in the truth of its characters and their actions and reactions be they subtle or blunt.

Shannon's Overall View:
I found it engaging
I'd watch it again
I'd recommend it as an artistic drama and for those interested in motherhood, parenting and relationships

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sandramac said...

I loved the way this was filmed, with minimal dialog to interrupt the lush, yet mind-numbing, lazy heat contrasted with the rescue implied by the cool water scenes, as if trying to wake the characters from their dreams and sense of impending suffocation. Her dilemma, losing her self to motherhood, was emphasized at every turn, in every shadow and play of light, without the need to speak it. It was easy to read the subtitles, which were seldom intrusive, as in so many films.

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