Monday, 30 March 2009

Vlog - Week in Film & 101 Films

Films Discussed: Polytechnique, U2 3D, Amores Perros (101 Films), Twilight DVD release/extras

- Check out Trista's review of U2 3D and thoughts on 3D over at 10 Movies to See Before You Die
- Avatar is the upcoming James Cameron 3D SciFi film reported to be using new technology for the special effects. Current release date for Avatar is Dec 18, 2009.

What do you think?
- If you've seen Amores Perros please let me know what you think of the film
- 3D Films - Wave of the future? Do you want to see them? For genre films? All films?




Trista DeVries said...

Thanks for the shout out Shannon! I had SO much fun at the U23D thing that I'm still flying high! I was chatting to Andy on the weekend who said there's one sure way to sell this to a whole other audience: AC DC 3D. I am SO in.

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

You're Welcome Trista! It was an awesome experience and I'm was so great to hear what your perspective of 3D was and just to go "This is soooo cool!" together.

AC DC 3D would be freaking fantastic - I would totally see that.

DG said...

I just LOVE your vlogs! So much fun to watch and listen to Shannon and I hear you on remembering Polytechnique and am glad that the story was told by someone you personally trust, I must try watching it down the road then. I am thrilled that the commentary for Twilight was entertaining and can't wait to see it.

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