Saturday, 11 April 2009

DIY Entertainment Club: April 2009


Getting to a time where numerous 2008 film festival films are being released on DVD so it was a challenge to make my selections this month. I held back from some of last years faves like Chocolate and decided to go with:

Ashes of Time Redux
One of if not the most beautiful film I saw of last year. A redux of the film originally released in 1994, we are treated of fantastic performances, beautiful visuals and a stellar soundtrack. Interwoven stories are told, fights are fought, shadows are cast and tears are wept. Directed by Wong Kar Wai and starring Leslie Cheung, Brigitte Lin, Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Carina Lau, Tony Leung Ka Fai, Charlie Young, Jacky Cheung and Maggie Cheung. link

City of Ember
I just recently finished the Jeanne DuPrau novel of the same name which the film is based on and my first though was that I was surprized they made it into the film. Although it screams for a world of brilliant art direction and cunning characters, I didn't think it would translate very well to the screen and unfortunately it falls a bit flat. I do highly recommend reading the book. link


Suzie Ridler said...

I think I need to let go of fiction and just focus on movies, I tried reading City of Ember but just couldn't do it. Not because it was bad but because fiction doesn't speak to me any more which is a shame because it sounds like it was better than the movie!

I watched Sisterhood of the Travelling pants last night thanks to my DIY bday entertainment club. Couldn't get Reg to participate though!

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Sorry to hear fiction isn't speaking to you Suzie, I definitely feel like I go through shifts with reading fiction - some times it appeals and others it doesn't. Best to go with the flow.

Good thing is there are always movies to explore and you can always pick up the book again later!

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