Monday, 27 April 2009

New Moon Monday: Wolf Pack, ET Coverage and Eclipse Director Revealed

Well it's another New Moon Monday here, let's have a look at what new information has been released about upcoming Twilight Saga.

Wolf Pack Pictures
Finally we get the first photo image released to promote The Twilight Saga: New Moon. I found the image first over at USA Today, but you can see it in a larger format at Twilighters Anonymous.

The Wolf Pack picture features from left to right Alex Meraz as Paul, Chaske Spencer as Sam, Bronson Pelletier as Jared and Kiowa Gordon as Embry. Notice anyone missing?

The only previous image we've seen is the title of the film. Notice that both wolf pack & title image embrace a warmer and golden pallette. This is a major change from the colour story of Twilight which was very pale and focused on whites and tints green, grey and blue. It will be interesting to see if this warmer pallette persists for all the imagery or if we will get multiple colour stories for the different character groups.

ET spots
Last week there were two days where ET had New Moon coverage including being on the set and interviews with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and very briefly a moment with director Chris Weisz. Overall, it's only about 6 minutes of coverage from 2 shows and doesn't give us a whole lot to chew. But it's still a first glimpse which is exciting nonetheless. For the spoiler sensitive, take note that the content of the film is discussed as well as creative solutions to the "how will the film that??" moments from the book.

April 23/09 Clip 1 (1m 49s), Clip 2 (2m 10s)
April 24/09 Clip 1 (1m 50m)

Eclipse director confirmed: David Slade
Summit Entertainment has confirmed that the third film, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, will be directed by David Slade. There have been rumours galore in the past few weeks on who would be the director of Eclipse, but what a relief that the truth is out and we are now treading in known territory. David Slade is a fascinating choice for the film, his previous works feature films are both dark in nature, Hard Candy and 30 Days of Night.

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