Monday, 20 April 2009

Sad New Moon Monday, Halt in New Moon Production (edit: Debunked)

I was just settling in to share the The Twilight Saga: New Moon casting (which came out last week) when I was shocked to see the reports of a halt in the production?

"Producers have been forced to halt production of the highly anticipated Twilight sequel amid accusations of plagiarism aimed at author Stephenie Meyer. Meyer’s former college roommate, Heidi Stanton" (quote: myCineplex).

This could throw a huge wrench in the works for the upcoming films, The Twilight Saga: New Moon just started filming last week and is currently scheduled to be released November 20, 2009 and third film of the saga, Eclipse is planned for release in 2010. What would this mean for the films? Only time will tell.

Fans of the books and films know that the inspiration for the "Twilight" came to Stephanie Meyers in a dream.

No word about the situation at either at the Stephenie Meyer site or Summit site, but I'll be sure to update when there is.

Sources: myCineplex, Dose.Ca, The Sun UK all from April 20, 2009

Update April 20/09 10:26 pm EST

Both Twilight Lexicon and Access Hollywood report that Summit Entertainment indicates the information about any delay in production as well as claims of plagiarism is not true.

I wanted to take this post down, but it goes against my values. I read every quoted and link very carefully, all the info appears clear, informed and in good faith on all the reports. There is a some crafty wordsmithing about in the initial reactions and even the quoted responses.

Always source the source.

A treat for those who stuck it out for this crazy story - check out these happy fan vids from people who actually got hugs members of the cast including Peter Facinelli and Jackson Rathbone. Isn't that much better news?

Update April 21, 2009 6:20 pm EST

Stephenie Meyer has posted on her website with an update confirming none of the above story is true, which is a relief! She als indicates that the filming is going well and gives kudos to the fansites that debunked the story days ago. Awesome!

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