Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Toronto Singapore Film Festival 2009 Preview

The Toronto Singapore Film Festival 2009 is almost upon us! The festival opens this Friday April 3, 2009 at the Revue Cinema with Rice Rhapsody, written and directed Kenneth Bi (The Drummer).

Day 2 of the festival has three sets of screenings with combinations of shorts, features and documentaries all being shown at Innis Town Hall on the U of T Campus. I know I'm looking forward to Zo Hee (Make Movie) from Jacen Tan and sequel to the brilliant short Zo Gang (Go Work) which was shown at last years festival. You can see Zo Gang (Go Work) online here.

Documentary fans rejoice as the documentary of choice this year is Invisible City (Dir: Tan Pin Pin) and the focus of the film itself is documentarians and within that exploration reveals Singaporean history. Feature films included in the festival are the dark drama Truth Be Told (dir: Teo Eng Tiong) and Invisible Children (dir: Brian Gothong Tan), a collection of stories that sound unforgettable even if they represent the invisible. Add to this more short films and it's a exciting two days of film to explore.

For more information, check out the Toronto Singapore Film Festival website, Festival Program, Film Schedule, Venue Info, Ticket Info, Online Ticket Sales and Festival Trailer on YouTube.

The Toronto Singapore Film Festival 2009 runs from April 3-4/09 at in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


James McNally said...

Sorry this is keeping you from seeing Anvil! with us! You know, you can contact the publicists for the fest ahead of time and they can usually get you screener DVDs of films in case you need to free up some time during the festival itself. I'll be doing a bunch of Hot Docs films that way this year.

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Sounds like it was the night of bailing that night :(

I like to cover the Festival experience as a whole, especially if filmmakers will be there. Screeners are awesome back up though!

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