Monday, 4 May 2009

New Moon Monday: MTV Movie Awards, Vamp Trailers and more!

Let's have a look see on the news of the Twilight Universe this week.

MTV Movie Awards 2009
Final nominees have been announced for the MTV Movie Awards 2009 and Twilight has been nominated 7 times, the most out of any film this year. Voting is open online now until Wednesday May 27, 2009 for all categories except Best Movie which will be open until the night of the show Sunday May 31, 2009. Here are a list of the nominations:

Best Movie
Best Female Performance (Kristen Stewart)
Breakthrough Male Performance (Robert Pattinson)
Breakthrough Male Performance (Taylor Lautner)
Best Kiss
Best Fight
Best Song from a Movie (Paramore - Decode)

Vampire Trailers Everywhere!
As there isn't tons of official news this week you might need a vampire fix so feel free to check out the 'True Blood' Season 2 trailer here as well as the trailer for Blood: The Last Vampire (both courtesy of Pretty/Scary). 'True Blood' Season 2 starts June 2009 and Blood: The Last Vampire has been picked up but no North American release dates are set so far. Last but certainly not least is the South Korean film Thirst from director Chan-wook Park (Sympathy for Mr. Vengence / Boksuneun naui geot) will be at Cannes later this month and I have my fingers crossed it will make its way to Toronto at some point as it looks awesome. Trailer and hat tip to Row Three for this news!

Update: Found more trailers for Thirst over at Twitch, the top one is much more sensual focused that the previous trailer. It's looking better by each new moment!

Before the Dawn
For your listening pleasure, Before the Dawn Episode 2 is now up and this week Marina & I talk all about character introductions in the book and film, as well as news on the film series and cast. Feel free to share your favourite character introductions in the comments over at Before the Dawn.


Suzie Ridler said...

OMG! June? Really?! My wait for True Blood is almost over?! I was going to cancel On Demand after I finished In Treatment but now I can't, LOL. That vampire movie by the guy who did Hero looks fantastic too! Oh how I love vampire stories.

I watched the trailer for True Blood, man, I just can't wait. Thank you so much for letting us know Shannon!

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

I know, they keep rolling out great shows to keep us watching, eh? Oh - if I'd not mentioned I bet you'd like The United States of Tara, I'm not sure if it is still on demand or not.

Thirst does look awesome eh? The three trailers are so very very different. I wonder which they play to which audience. I think the Hero connection is a producer, the director did the Vengence Trilogy.

I only watched part of the True Blood trailer, I know I'll watch it so I don't want to know too much ahead of time!

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