Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Before the Dawn: A Twilight Podcast - Episode 08: News to Week of June 12, 2009

Before the Dawn: A Twilight Podcast - Episode 08 is up!

What's new in the Twilight World? Head on over to Before the Dawn to check out Marina & I's discuss the News to Week of June 12, 2009 including the MMVA's, interviews in Metro News, Nurse Jackie, New Moon Trailer breaking records and more.

Before the Dawn: A Twilight Podcast is a weekly 1/2 hour podcast meeting all your audio Twilight needs!


Anonymous said...

Cool podcast, lots of info! Can't wait for New Moon!
OME!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at the cool Twilight scrapbooking pages at

Anonymous said...

I don't have your guys email but I wanted to comment on the Where is Team Bellas fans ?
WELL THAT WOULD BE ME ! I'm a huge Bella fan and she is my favorite.
People will say what they want about her negative or positive but I see more good.
Bella is thoughtful, down to earth, smart, modest, decisive, not materialistic and loving !
I fell in love with her character instantly !
Love the show !

Marina said...

Thanks for the great comments guys! And I'm happy to see that there are Bella fans out there - there's certainly more to her character than meets the eye though re-reading "New Moon"...I have a few things that have come up...

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