Monday, 29 June 2009

New Moon Monday, Versus, Bets and Bitten

We are in a bit of a lull for Twilight news with the cast working on various other projects at the moment and Eclipse not yet filming. There are as always lots of photos floating around, like this great one of Kristen Stewert as Joan Jett for the upcoming film The Runaways. There has also been lots about fans going a little crazy.

Buffy Vs Edward
This video has been floating around the web for about a week and seems like everyone I know has seen it. Have you ? The Buffy vs Edward video from Rebellious Pixels is 1) hilarious and 2) interesting commentary on the question/reaction to if the character Edward is creepy stalker type 3) has Buffy kicking butt - which is what she does! It is put together really well and I'll admit it made me miss Buffy. What a great show. We need more kick butt women on TV.

Bella Vs Sookie
Interesting article over at MSNBC comparing the women protagonists Sookie of True Blood and Bella in
Twilight and also lightly touches on Buffy and the upcoming TV series The Vampire Diaries. Amazing how it seems that all the vampire/romance stories the women are human and the vampires are men. I wonder if we will see a different take on this at any point.
Source: Twilightology

Twitter Following = A Bet Peter Facinelli vs Rob DeFranco = Bikini Dance
A bet made on twitter between Peter Facinelli vs Rob DeFranco has now ended with Peter being victorious and therefore Rob
DeFranco will now dance in a bikini on Hollywood Boulevard while singing 'Single Ladies'. Tomorrow, June 30/09 at 10am. Vid of Peter thanking all the fans who helped him win is here. Weirdess news for New Moon Mondays so far!
Source: Examiner

Before the Dawn: A Twilight Podcast
Episode 10 is now up. Head on over to Before the Dawn to listen or download the show directly here. This week Marina & I's discuss the News of the Week up to June 26, 2009 including above noted Buffy vs Edward video.

Daybreakers Gets A Trailer
Daybreakers trailer has arrived and the film gives us a slightly new spin on vampire lore set in a world where vampires outnumber humans. Set to release in early 2010 it stars Ethan Hawke, Willem Dafoe, Isabel Lucan and Sam Neill. Pictures have also been released, check out the poster image and still of Ethan Hawke. This one goes on the will be seeing list.

When Vampire Movies Bite, in a Bad Way
Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned that TMN was having a bunch of vampire movies on in anticipation for True Blood Season 2 (which has been awesome so far)? Well, I revised Lost Boys which was a lot of fun as always. I also check out Bitten which was so bad I may write up a Non-Review for it. I made it about 40 minutes in but by then I had had enough of the gender crap, bathroom humour an general lack of anything redeeming. Sure, it's going for exploitation style and some of that worked but even so there was contradictory dialogue and unexplained solutions to things noted as problems. But, I don't think I'm the target market. I think it's for people who liked Species and also vampires. Or not. I wouldn't even say it's really a vampire film.

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