Monday, 13 July 2009

Poll Results: What July Release Are You Most Looking Forward To?

Sweeping away on your broomstick goodness, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince takes the cake for the which July release are you most looking forward to with 53% of the votes! After that it's a lot of splitsville, Brüno heads the rest with 10%, Moon and (500) Days of Summer come in at 8%, Public Enemies at 6%, Funny People at 5% and a tie for the bottom rung goes to The Hurt Locker and Orphan. I'm a little surprized they were at the end as they both look good, but then again we have a pretty awesome month of release to choose from.

53% - Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
10% - Brüno
8% - (500) Days of Summer and Moon
6% - Public Enemies
5% - Funny People
3% - The Hurt Locker and Orphan

Thanks for voting!

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