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Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2009 - First 8 Titles Announced!

The Toronto After Dark Film Festival has announced the first 8 titles for the 2009 festival and we in for a treat this year! Sticking with the treats first up is Trick n' Treat a Halloween centric horror film with a stellar cast: Anna Paquin, Brian Cox and Dylan Baker. The creepiness continues with the Indonesian horror film The Forbidden - even the music on the website was freaking me out!

Taking a step back in time, scares will be abound with the throwback horror flick Someone's Knocking at the Door and the Brazilian Embodiment of Evil which truly feels like the perfect title from the films trailer - lots of blood and skin in this one which is a role reprisal for José Mojica Marins as the character Coffin Joe. But, how about a little old school action? Black has been making waves since SXSW as the latest Blaxploitation film and stars MC Jean Gab from District B13 and the upcoming District 13: Ultimatum.

Toronto After Dark Film Festival always delivers us some zombies, but this year we get literal with Grace, the zombie baby movie. And it's Canadian. Awesome.

The film I'm most looking forward to so far is the steampunkin' goodness with Franklyn with the stellar cast of Ryan Phillipe, Eva Green and Sam Riley. Style fans get even more love with Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl, but will it trump last years Tokyo Gore Police / Tôkyô zankoku keisatsu? Only way to find is to see them duke it out!

And that isn't all! The remaining 9 titles will be announced July 29/09. But if you haven't already you can still get a festival passes (they 2/3rds sold out as of July 8/09). Single tickets will also go on sale in July 29/09. For more information on ticketing and venues check here.

List of the first 8 titles announced

Dir: Pierre Laffargue
Cast: MC Jean Gab
TADFF Page, IMDb Page, Trailer

Embodiment of Evil / Encarnação do Demônio
Dir: José Mojica Marins
Cast: José Mojica Marins
TADFF Page, Official Website & Trailer, IMDb Page
Trailer contains disturbing images

The Forbidden Door / Pintu terlarang
Dir: Joko Anwar (Dead Time: Kala)
Cast: Fachry Albar, Marsha Timothy, Ario Bayu, Tio Pakusodewo
TADFF Page, Official Website & Trailer, IMDb Page

Writer/Dir: Gerald McMorrow
Cast: Ryan Phillipe, Eva Green, Sam Riley
TADFF Page, Official Website, IMDb Page

Grace **Closing Night Gala**
Writer/Dir: Paul Solet
Cast: Jordan Ladd, Gabrielle Rose, Samantha Ferris, Malcolm Stewart, Stephen Park, Serge Houde
TADFF Page, IMDb Page

Someone's Knocking at the Door
Dir: Chad Ferrin
Cast: Noah Segan, Andrea Rueda, Ezra Buzzington, Timothy Muskatell
TADFF Page, Official Website & Trailer, IMDb Page

Trick 'r Treat
Writer/Dir: Michael Dougherty
Cast: Anna Paquin, Brian Cox, Dylan Baker, Tahmoh Penikett
TADFF Page & Trailer, IMDb Page

Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl / Kyûketsu Shôjo tai Shôjo Furanken
Dir: Yoshihiro Nishimura
Cast: Yukie Kawamura, Elly Otoguro, Takumi Saitoh, Kanji Tsuda, Eihi Shiina
TADFF Page, Official Website & Trailer, IMDb Page

The Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2009 runs from August 14-21, 2009 at the Bloor Cinema, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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