Monday, 10 August 2009

Poll Results: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was....

The results are in and the highest score goes to 30% feeling that Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was excellent, and that is with a 70/30 divide on folks who have actually seen it. So, out of the 70% that saw it, that makes it closer to 1/2 that thought it was excellent. Next runner up was good, and then I'm surprized that so many weeks after release that a high response (19%) haven't seen it, after that we have 12% that were Disappointed, 8% Not Going to See It and 3% thought it was Average. Many different ways to crunch the numbers but overall sounds like those who've intended to see it - enjoyed it!

30% - Excellent
25% - Good
19% - Haven't Seen it Yet
12% - Disappointing
8% - Not Going to See it
3% - Average

Thanks for voting!

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