Monday, 31 August 2009

TIFF'09 Lottery: Box 48!

Box 48 drawn for the beginning of the advance order process.

At the lottery there were 54 numbers entered into the draw.

Donor boxes are processed first, then box 48 will be processed, then boxes 49 --> 54, then 1 -->47. *

And FYI they do put in all the numbers from 1 - 54 but I didn't think people would have the patience to watch all of that!

Total number of boxes is down from 78 in 2008. One volunteered mentioned that they could be using larger boxes. I'm curious if more people decided to become donors whose boxes are processed ahead of the advance order process.

What happens next? We wait. When orders are processed you are suppose to receive and email on the results of your order. In the past you have also been able to check online once your order has been processed. Package pick up and ticket exchange begins Thursday September 3, 2009 at 7am at the Festival Box Office. This is usually the longest line of the year for advance order process, although last year they separated out the 'pick up only' from the 'pick up and exchange' which made pick up only pretty smooth. Every year there are little changes, so it's hard to tell. This year it is a regular work day not labour day so turn out could be a lot smaller - there is no way to tell! Prep for the worst and hope for the best is what I say - comfy shoes, food & water, a good book and always be nice to your line mates! You never know who you will meet in TIFF lines!

I was in Box 16 and feeling pretty good about it!


Festival Box Office Hours - Nathan Phillips Square, white tent on West Side *
100 Queen Street West
June 1 to September 2, 2009: 10:00am to 7:00pm
September 3 to 18, 2009: 7:00am to 7:00pm
September 19, 2009: 7:00am to 5:00pm

Important Dates *
Thursday Sept 3, 2009 at 7am - Ticket package pick up and ticket exchange begins
Friday Sept 4, 2009 - single tickets go on sale
Thursday Sept 10, 2009 - TIFF begins

As always, check the official TIFF'09 site for all information on policies, procedures and up to date information.

Quite the crowd - were you there?

I was in Box 16 and feeling pretty good about it!

The TIFF site indicated: "Box 48 was selected in the lottery draw as the first box to be processed for the public Advance Order Procedure. There were 56 boxes in the draw." has been revised to 54 boxes. Thanks Richard!

The Toronto International Film Festival runs from September 10 - 19, 2009 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Paul said...

I am in box 24... not feeling very good about it... figure all my top choices will be GONE...

Oh well, thems the luck of the draw :)

jeff said...

I'm in box 24 as well...I feel so-so about my choices. I picked a lot of movies with no buzz around them and I have a day pass so hopefully my weekday morning/afternoon choices stay that way. I saw some people's potential schedules from Twitter and not many people selected the majority of my movies. I'm trying to be optimistic as I need to be at the airport at 7am on Sept. 3rd so there's no way I can trade in vouchers until the festival starts.

Last year I was in box 23 when box 9 got picked and I got all my picks.

All anyone can do is wait for that elusive TIFF email confirming your order.

PS - great coverage of TIFF so far!

Richard said...

Looks like the festival site corrected the total number of boxes to 54.

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Two at 24! Paul, I can't remember your picks - 24 isn't all that bad. It's so hard to guess. I hope it goes ok!

Jeff I wonder if we have similar choices as I went with a day pass (and two 10's) and have very little overlap with any other lists I've seen. Being away from the box office at 7am on Thurs doesn't sound all that bad... I wonder what it will be like not being labour day.

Thanks for the heads up Richard, I've updated the post. I knew it was only 54! I wonder if the +2 was donor math. Were you at the draw?

Paul said...

My thoughts: Many hardcore festers will be in the early boxes, BUT those early boxes will be mostly the packages that CAN'T get multiples to the same screening, which go in the favour of anyone after them. That's what I'm hoping for :)

Probably my most high-profile picks are first screenings of The Road and Up in the Air. Otherwise, I'm not worried about my picks as they were midnight madness or second screenings, or week day screenings.

And I concur, great coverage this year. Between here and tifftalk, I have all I need covered :D

jeff said...

My sentiments exactly, Paul... this blog and TIFFtalk by Richard are my two favourites to read for the festival. I don't have any friends "in real life" who attend so I'm really liking the blogging and now twittering communities for TIFF info.

Shannon - you do have a lot of the same picks from me what I saw of your list. You're the only other person I've seen pick The Waiting City, which looks really good to me.

I hope you post when you get your notification email. Last year I was 14 boxes away from the first box and got a notification email 22 hours after the draw. Hopefully I'll know the fate of my picks tomorrow night.

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Thanks guys, I'm glad you are enjoying the coverage of the festival. Richard's site is great, what a resource (TIFFTalk).

I will certainly post when I received confirmation on tickets. I've seen people tweet about hearing about their orders, but all really close to the top of the lottery so far. I bet being in Box 16 myself I'll hear sometime tomorrow aft - but that is just a guess!

denny said...

i see that you are in box 16. when did you return your order? we fed-exed our order on wednesday morning. probably got in thursday am.

we, 8 people from toledo ohio , have been coming for 10 years. looks like another great year.

hope that my wife's bike doesn't get stolen this year; shouldn't got her an old clunker.


denny said...

i see that you are in box 16. when did you return your order? we fed-exed our order on wednesday morning. probably got in thursday am.

we, 8 people from toledo ohio , have been coming for 10 years. looks like another great year.

hope that my wife's bike doesn't get stolen this year; shouldn't got her an old clunker.


640k said...

Box 46 :(. You'd think that with computers they could have a system that more evenly spreads the suck, instead of leaving some people with all of their picks and some with none.

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

I am in Box 16 - I turned in my order on Friday Aug 28 around 12:30 PM. .. Sounds like your order got in earlier than mine, Denny! And I hope there are no bike thefts this year either!

Sorry to hear you are in box 46 640k :( The lottery is what it is.. random. Some years are great, and some not so much. I've only heard of myself getting none of their selections (and that was a order mix up), usually people get somewhere between some and all of their selections. What system do you think would be better?

Paul said...

I once theorized on a ranking system where you ranked ALL your choices on how much you wanted to see it relative to your other choices... through some matching mechanism, you'd be more likely to get your top, top choices, and less likely to get your bottom choices dependant on what other people picked.

For instance, if I put "Up in the Air" as ranked "1", and put "Survival of the Dead" as ranked "10", and you put in "Survival of the Dead" ranked "1" and you put "Up in the Air" as ranked "10", no matter where we were in the boxes, I'd be more likely to get Up and the Air and sacrifice my spot to you for Survival of the dead, and vice versa.

Yes, there's a possibility that you wouldn't get ALL of your choices, like you would if you were in a good box in the draw, but almost EVERYONE would get their most desired films, and NO ONE should end up with less than 50% of their first picks... for the most part.

karen said...

Anyone get any notifications from the box office yet? I remember being surprised by how quickly I'd heard back last year... I'm in box 20, so I'm feeling a little ansy! I figure if any of you folks in box 16 had heard something I could expect a notice soon.

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

I'm in 16 and haven't heard yet. Most recent I heard was someone in box 8 got notification around 4:40pm.

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Interesting theory Paul, but I wonder if people would have the same top No. 1 choice - there certainly seems to be 'the ones' that everyone wants to see. I think it would be too many variables to do all the orders at once.

As random as the lottery is - I don't mind it. But then again, I tend to pick Canadian and foreign film and non-Galas. I can totally understand the frustration when there are screenings where it feels impossible to get into.

jeff said...

It's comforting to read that others are as impatient as me. I go almost no work done today between staring my gmail and reading twitter updates. I figured I would've heard soon but it looks like it's taking about 1 box an hour and box 8 was around 4pm.

I even had a nightmare that I didn't get my picks last night. Sadly, I'll probably sleep with my iphone next to the bed tonight with the email alert set to something obnoxious so it wakes me up if I get that confirmation. So sad...

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

I"m so impatient! And I was grumpy today and couldn't concentrate.. until.. I received confirmation on tickets around 7:10pm.

I got 41/42 1st picks. The only swap was I didn't get Triage but did get Solitary Man. My rders were in Box 16.

Good luck to everyone I hope you hear soon!

Irv said...

im in box 44, im not expecting any first pics, very disapointing draw, and this "Thursday" pick up day is very frustrating as I dont live or work downtown and cant take that day off, so the only day of switching before public tickets go on sale is off limits to me. So there will be nothing left for us. Seems like TIFF is screwing over those of us who are the heart and sole of the festival.

jeff said...

Congrats Shannon - that's great! I hope mine in 24 with a day pass does equally as well. Still waiting...

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Heard some tweets from folks in boxes 20 and 22 getting most of their picks. I'm really hoping you guys do too!

jeff said...

I got an email confirmation at 10:46pm.

I got 21/25 first choices and 3 vouchers from box 24.

I didn't get A Serious Man (or back up, Triage), Broken Embraces (or back up, An Education), Day Will Come (no back up selected) and Cairo Time (got the back up, Precious but it conflicts with another screening).

Not a big deal as A Serious Man, An An Education and Cairo Time will all be in theaters sooner or later.

Oddly, I did get the Elgin screenings of Chloe, Precious and The Jonses... how strange. I totally thought I had lost out on those being about half way in the draw.

So hopefully I can exchange my vouchers when I get back from vacation next week. Considering I got most of my choices, I'm happy!

Paul said...

For me, since that one year I did 10 films and my return was 7 second choices and 3 vouchers, and in the end, ALL the movies I saw were awesome, I've stopped worrying too much about the lottery, and let it play out as is :)

From my peak of 26 films, to last years 16, I reduced the number of initial films I'm planning to see from package selection, so of the 7 distinct movies I'm seeing (split with my girlfriend), I got 4 first choices. I didn't get Up in the Air (dang it), or the second screening of A Serious Man, but I did get instead Defender (as a comic book buff, not a disappointment) and the second screening of The Men Who Stare at Goats, so I'm sure to be entertained :)

All my other picks at were good!

Now I plan on putting together a list of films in those empty spots on days I have a lot of films to try and get individual tickets for starting Friday morning. If they're sold out, oh well, but if I can get them, BONUS. Rule #1: Midnight Madnesses that aren't George A Romero, or mainstream film opening in a week or two don't sell out ;)

And I might treat me mum to a Gala this year.

Unknown said...

I was in box 40 and got all of my 20 picks, better than in past years so I'm pleasantly surprised for being so near the end of the line after the lottery. Good luck to the rest of you. See you at the movies.

Siwatu Moore said...

Just found this blog. Great stuff. I've been coming to TO for eight years for the festival. Question: I always do out of town ticket service (being a yankee and all). Is there anyway to tell which box I was in? Nothing seems to indicate it on the email confirm. I guess it doesn't matter now, but just curious. Got everything but A Serious Man, but that'll be out soon enough anyways.

Thanks! Happy festival-ing. Or something.

newman said...

For those hoping to catch the first screening of the George Clooney/Jason Reitman film, Up In The Air, it looks like you needed to be in one of the first couple of boxes.

I was in box 54 (the seventh box to be processed) and I was shut out. :-(

Anonymous said...

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