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Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2009 Day 5 - Tuesday August 18, 2009


Don't get left in the dark, indeed! Day 5 at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival was all about the scares. From creepy kids to a crazy serial killers it was certainly the night with the most nervous giggles, eye covering and audible cringes. Also we were treated to a great Q&A with Noah Segan, actor and co-producer of Someone's Knocking at the Door.

To hear and see about Day 5 check out my TADFF'09 Vlog for Day 5.

Dir: Sara St. Onge
Canada, 6 minutes

Procedural tranquillity and conformity showcased in musical number style and,... on wheels.

Toronto After Dark Film Festival Director & Founder Adam Lopez introduces The Children

The Children
Dir: Tom Shankland (The Killing Gene / W Delta Z)
Cast: Eva Birthistle, Stephen Campbell Moore, Jeremy Sheffield, Rachel Shelley

I always look forward to a genuinely scary horror flick and The Children fit that slot nicely this year at the festival. We start with a family holiday dinner of siblings, partners and kids. A fair number of high energy kids that don't pay too much attention to what people say. The funny thing is, that isn't the scares and it really sets a great tone of realism into family and parental dynamics and even competitive parenting which gives the film a unique point of view for a horror flick. Of course it does turn creepy - really creepy and you don't want to be near those kids, believe you-me. One of the few films this year I actually almost covered my eyes due to the fantastic build up of tension. Freaky, creepy and funny to boot The Children is a great film.

Although director Tom Shankland was not at the screening, he sent along a note that was read by Adam Lopez, Toronto After Dark Film Festival Director & Founder, at the screening. See video of Tom Shankland's hilarous words here.

Heart of Karl
Dir: Steven Kostanski (Laser Ghosts 2: Return to Laser Cove)
Canada, 15 minutes

Bizarre short that blends family loyalty with skeleton looking creatures, super powers, missing hearts and lots and lots of blood.

Toronto After Dark Film Festival Director & Founder Adam Lopez introduces with Someone's Knocking at the Door lead actor and co-producer Noah Segan

Someone's Knocking at the Door
Dir: Chad Ferrin
Cast: Noah Segan, Andrea Rueda, Ezra Buzzington, Timothy Muskatell

If you take sex, drugs, rock'n'roll and add students, serial killers and sexual violence together and trip it all up you have Someone's Knocking at the Door. It's fair to say I'm not the target audience but the strong performance by Noah Segan kept me with the film. If you are a fan of druggie and slasher films this is right up your alley.

See selections from the introduction and Q&A for Someone's Knocking at the Door with lead actor and co-producer Noah Segan here.

Paupers: Where Pub After Dark continues nighly after the festival screenings until this Thursday August 20, 2009. Filmmakers, fans, bloggers, festival folks - you never know who you might meet!


The Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2009 runs from August 14-21, 2009 at the Bloor Cinema, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Suzie Ridler said...

Children sounds totally creepy on many levels to me! Hehehe. If it got you to cover your eyes from the tension it's gotta be crazy scary!

The Film Reel said...

I've got two kids myself and The Children doesn't make me feel better about having them! HAHA! I found it very uncomfortable to watch and it's not very often a film can get me like that. Great movie.

I liked Someone's Knocking but the endings been done before and was kind of a letdown. The over the top gore kept me entertained. I guess I'm the exact audience the film is looking for! Wonder what that says about me....

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