Tuesday, 8 September 2009

TUFF & TTC Contest Winners!


Congratulations to Katharine, Bill, Kurt and Rob for winning the TUFF & TTC Contest!

Winners receive a weekly passes to give away for for unlimited travel on the TTC from Monday September 14 - Sunday September 20, 2009 where you can watch TUFF films on platform screens at any subway stop across the TTC or non-stop at the Bloor subway station in designated areas.

The Toronto Urban Film Festival is a festival that shows a collection of 1 minute silent films shown on the TTC between September 11 - 20, 2009. Also remember to check out the TUFF YouTube channel, as directors can choose to have their films running their as well.

The Toronto Urban Film Festival runs from September 11 - 20, 2009 on TTC subway platforms in Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Jamie Ridler said...

Congratulations to all the winners! Enjoy TUFF and the TTC. Thanks for a cool giveaway, Movie Moxie1

Paul said...

I think Katharine is my girlfriend! Huzzah!

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