Monday, 26 October 2009

New Moon Mondays - Bring on the Eclipse Imagery!

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Eclipse Gets Title Treatment
Although I love the warmness of New Moon, I am thrilled that with Eclipse it looks like we are going back to the flavour of the first film, Twilight in terms of look and feel. And ....blood. Sharp, shiny and deadly, it looks like we are in for one heck of a film. I've been trying to shy away from too much Eclipse pics until after New Moon comes out but being less than a month away it's getting harder and harder to resist!
Source: Twilight Twitter, Twilight Twitpic
P.S. - the image looks a lot better and larger over at the source

Twilight Halloween Costume Ideas Haven't decided what you want to be for Halloween? Looking to go as someone from Twilight? I know I am (pics next week if it turns out well....) If you are looking for help and inspiration you are in luck as there are boatloads of suggestions and guides out there. For the female characters Alice, Rosalie, Esme, Victoria and Jane check here at Twilight Poison. For the male characters check out general guide plus specific tips for Edward, Jasper, Emmett, Carlisle (regular & historical), James, Laurent and the Volturi. Also helpful are general makeup tips.
Once you've got that all together why not put it work and check out His Golden Eyes Costume Contest? Didn't find a Bella guide. Sniff'n'sigh.
Source: Twilight Poison, Twilight Lexicon, His Golden Eyes

Creatures on the Big and Small Screen As The Wolfman inches closer to it's Feb 12, 2010 release date we are treated to a second, and quite differently toned trailer released. Looks like they are going less historical-set feel and more ramped up (a la Sherlock Holmes) vibe. And, have to say that hooked me it makes it look ever more interested. On the small scene, good news for fans of the CW series, Vampire Diaries, the CW series got picked up for a full season.

I Want Some More: Vampathon
The Vampathon: Vampire Film Marathon continues with reviewing vampire films and the most recent selection is Shadow of the Vampire, a fictional re-creation of behind the scenes filming of the 1922 Nosferatu from the perspective of is actor Max Schrek was in fact, and vampire. Up this week is double bill Anne Rice style, where I'll tackle Interview with the Vampire and Queen of the Damned. Reviews will be up Wednesday October 28, 2009.

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