Monday, 5 October 2009

New Moon Mondays: Small Screen News Galore


Twilight arrives on TMN
October is the month of all things spooky, therefore it is fitting that it is the month that Twilight makes it debut on TMN, showing on October 24 and 28, 2009. More horror-ish films debuting this month on TMN are Underworld: Rise of the Lycans on Oct 23/09, The Uninvited on Oct 30/09, My Bloody Valentine (2009) and Zombie Girl: The Movie both on Oct 31/09.

I Want Some More: Vampathon
The Vampathon: Vampire Film Marathon continues with reviewing vampire film, most recently explored is the beautiful classic Black Sunday / La maschera del demonio from director Mario Bava. It's a great classic horror that is awesome to settle into with a nice bowl of popcorn on a chilly October day. This weeks selection for the Marathon is the 80's hair flair of The Lost Boys starring Jason Patric, Keifer Sutherand, Dianne Wiest, Jami Gertz and both of the Corey's. It's time to wear your sunglasses... at night.

Goodbye Scream, Hello Dusk
The Canadian specialty channel Dusk had it's debut just over a month about. It was recently renamed from Scream to Dusk and tweaking it's horror speciality to the supernatural, thriller and suspense, specifically catering to a female audience. Gore films appear to be in the past, although "terror and cult favourites" are still included in their late night programming the mainstay are films and series of a supernatural or paranormal nature, often with women and main characters. I appear to be smack dab in the middle of their target market, last year I subscribed to the channel specifically to catch up on the TV series "Supernatural" which they run in syndication. I was converted quicky from their quirky commercials for upcoming films (my fave was The Watcher.. he watches.... and he dances... and then they show Keanu dancing. Awesome.) and great programming (seeing the original The Taking of Pellum One, Two, Three was worth the subscription alone) and began actively pursuing titles by browsing the A-Z listings to fill in various gaps in horror film knowledge. Even with the change of tempo, the programming for Dusk there is a lot to look forward to. Lots of female protagonists on the horizon from The Gift to Single White Female various Scream films, and also to enjoy are films like Sleepy Hollow, Dead Zone and The Machinist. Word is to keep an eye out for November for vamp films in anticipation for New Moon. Although I've heard outcries from folks on the switch of focus, it sounds like they've made a very smart move to tap into a very specific audience at just the right time. Will you be watching? I know I will.



Jamie Ridler said...

Wow, that's so interesting that Scream turned to Dusk. What a change. Thanks for sharing the news!

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

So far, I'm liking the change! People have had a variety of different reactions though.

Suzie Ridler said...

I bet some people aren't happy. As much as I LOVED Scream, I felt like the content was getting really old. I personally am thrilled with the change of focus. Even more than the Food Network, this channel reflects my personal interests and personality. There are many women out there like you and me who love the spooky and I think it is one of the smartest marketing changes of all times but then I am COMPLETELY biased.

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