Monday, 23 November 2009

New Moon Mondays: New Moon Reactions and Smashing Box Office Records


Box Office Blow Out
In the US New Moon had the biggest midnight screening ($26.3 million) and biggest opening screening ($72.7 million). It also sits at #3 for the highest grossing opening ever ($142.8 million), behind The Dark Knight and Spider-Man 3. In North American and Canada it had the biggest weekend box office for 2009.

Women in Hollywood Discussion
Women in Hollywood posted this article featuring Women Writers Talk About New Moon, myself included and posed questions ranging from the anticipated success of New Moon to if Twilight gets enough respect in the Hollywood and in the blogosphere. It's fascinating to hear the different voices and perspectives.

Podcasts Talking About New Moon
Marina & I's have an epic chat about The Twilight Saga: New Moon over at Before the Dawn: A Twilight Podcast - Episode 28 and it's a total spoiler zone as we talk about it in almost every aspect including the end. Other interesting conversations out there to check out are Drive Like Cullens (whom I share a lot of opinions on) and Steady Diet of Film. I'm also looking forward to checking what the folks from Imprint have to say about the film. Few interesting video reviews out there like this one from Richard Crouse whom I agree with on many points, and a rather positive review from Mark Kermode. You can also check out the footage from the Live Podcast at Borders here, including an great appearance and interview with actor Charlie Bewley (Demetri).

New Moon Reactions
So far the voices on New Moon feel a bit polarized, the critics don't seem to like it, the fans reaction range from loving it to being disappointed but overall not feeling like there are a lot of voices from the fans on if they liked it but there is lots of news on the box office, TV appearances, etc. So far it's on 30% on Rotten Tomatoes, on 4.5 IMDb and 45 on Metacritic. The most common phrase I've heard to describe it are 'faithful adaptation' from critics and 'better than the first one' from fans.

New Moon DVD Details
Wow, the film was released only three days ago and we already have information from MTV with an interview with director Chris Weisz who reveals that the DVD with have a commentary track with him and the three big stars: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. I'll be looking forward to hearing that. The article also outlines some deleted scenes that will be included.

No Breaking Dawn News
Ok, I'll admit reporting on the fact that there is no news is a little weird, but I really thought we'd have heard inklings on whether or not a Breaking Dawn film is going to be going ahead. Last year we heard the day after Twilight's release that New Moon was in the works. Lots of rumours, including whether or not it will be 1 or more films, but so far nothing solid. I can't imagine it being more than 1 film, but then again it's my least favourite of the books.

I Want Some More: Vampathon
The Vampathon: Vampire Film Marathon is now complete as it was a countdown to the release of The Twilight Saga: New Moon. I have to admit it feels a little bittersweet given that New Moon did not meet expectations, but it was fun to revisit some of my favourite vampire films as well as seeing tons of great vampire films like Near Dark to Strigoi. I'll be doing a sum up of the experience later in the week so keep your eyes peeled and your necks covered for it. It's going to be so strange not to be watching vampire films every week, I wonder how I'll keep busy.

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