Monday, 2 November 2009

Poll Results: The Scariest Films Are...

The votes are in and Psychological films are voted the scariest with a whopping 46%. Ideas... scary! Paranormal films takes second place with a spooktacular 30%, still pretty high - although I thought this one would win hands down! Aliens are 10% scary and Creatures & Slashers film tie for 6%. Looks like no one gets scared by Gore films which bottomed out at 0%.

46% - Psychological
30% - Paranormal
10% - Aliens
6% - Creatures
6% - Slasher
0% - Gore

Thanks for voting!


Univarn said...

I think the fear of the Paranormal, Psychological, and even to some extent Aliens, Creatures/Slasher films lie in the unknown. Allowing your imagination to run wild and build upon what's already there, it can really build up on you. Gore films, well they remove all the unknown in favor of momentary excitement.

I've always said a faint scream in a dark room is infinitely more scary than watching someone get their head cut off.

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Great point Univarn, the unknown is definitely a key factor in being scary.

One thing that I think consistently is scary is seeing something that you know (or hope) is impossible, yet believing what you see. For me that does it every single time. Crazy stuff!

With Gore, there certainly are things I've seen that I've rather not in the long run but seeing them isn't so scary as the idea that it could be done - so I think the scare part comes from the psychological aspect as opposed to seeing something physical.

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