Saturday, 21 November 2009

Week in Film Vlog

Apparently the word of the week is 'ridiculous'.

Theatre: The Twilight Saga: New Moon
Vampathon: Bram Stoker's Dracula, Blade Trilogy: Blade, Blade II & Blade: Trinity
Random: Into the Wild, The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl, My Bloody Valentine (2009), My Beautiful Laundrette, Connected (Bo chi tung wah), Australia and Street Kings


Crazy crowd for the late night New Moon screening


Connected / Bo chi tung wah


Univarn said...

it's amusing to me that your critique on New Moon's editing and story structure mirrors exactly my critique of Twilight. I wonder if I'll watch New Moon and say all the things that you liked about Twilight... probably not :) I'll leave the Blade topic at my previous posts :).

Until 3D becomes a truly in home part of film I don't think it should be used as a crutch for movies, but as long as it makes money it will. Up is a good example of a 3D movie that's perfect without that aspect.

The only highlight for Street Kings for me was the final talk by Forest Whitaker, very powerful. It's a shame everything leading up to it screams LA Confidential clone and boring!

Though I did enjoy Australia last year. Didn't think it deserved as much criticism as it got, was no masterpiece, but enjoyable :)

Suzie Ridler said...

I am so glad you vlogged about New Moon Shannon, I wanted more on that particular movie especially and wow, OK, I will brace myself when I go next weekend, fingers crossed.

It's weird, I have seen all three Blade movies but I only really remember the first, which I totally love and like you, had zero expectations when I saw it. I think there was more heart in that one. i do remember the second one being too dark, like you mentioned Shannon.

I had heard the effects for Australia were terrible, like a lot of it was blue screened for no reason so R didn't want to see it. I may watch is on my own, I think it might be one I like. And it's so true, how can anyone not like Hugh Jackman?

There is nothing wrong with movies being made for girls and women. Love that part Shannon of your vlog in particular!

Suzie Ridler said...

Oops, forgot to subscribe!

Paul said...

*Twilight Spoiler Alert for those who haven't read the books*

This is interesting: I liked the first Blade film, hated the third, and loved the second.

In the Twilight books, the fourth was my favourite, due to it turning into a Superhero story later on (everyone seemed to have super powers). But that's typical of what interests me in these sort of things, and the sort of things I look for in a film / story. Who didn't want to see a film called "Facepunch!". The dialog they had in New Moon had me wishing I was seeing that instead of New Moon :).

Paul said...

And I was writing that comment *while* listening to the vlog... so I apologize for hoping I was at Facepunch. That's just my opinion and my interest, and I'm not saying New Moon should not have been made. Enough people want to see a story like that compared to the other 90% of films made (although all the trailers seemed to appeal to that audience as well... minus the vampires and werewolves).

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Univarn - I guess I'll have to wait and see til you see New Moon to see if our Twi/NM critiques are polarized. So far I've not heard to much from the fans of the series on their opinions of New Moon but I'm keeping an ear to the ground there. Interesting analogy of Street Kings to L.A. Confidential - I can totally see that.

I think Australia had some challenges, overall it can be enjoyable but the serious issues handled with the lightness and wit are a bit of a strange combination to swallow over here in N.America. Suzie you are right to point out the blue screened stuff - that was pretty terrible

But I do have to say I love your new pic Suzie - it's gorgeous! I do hope you like New Moon!

Paul, care to elaborate on Blade II enjoyment? I just don't get the love for it, unless the whole visceral/dark thing. And would love to hear more on likeing Breaking Dawn the most ... I might have to ask you about that directly... I could barely make it through that book and I sure as hell hope they don't make it more than 1 film /snore.

Paul said...

Blade II enjoyment: It's very stylized, very visual, it has a lot of action, has Ron Perlman, and has more grit to it. It seemed to take the first film and amp things up a bit, and tone down on the aspects that I was ok not to have (a real romantic interest for Blade, for example).

And it was directed by Guillermo del Toro, who we know is good at horror films, and he makes this more of a horror film than the first one.

For Breaking Dawn, it's quite simple why I like it best: Superheros! While they talk about the "special abilities" the characters have in the previous books (mind reading, future predicting, strength, hunting, tracking, emotion manipulating), they go all out with these in the fourth book, introducing new characters with powers, and then having them all battle it out. It becomes a superhero book at that point, and that's why I enjoyed it best. If they make the fourth book into two films, that would just mean that the first film would have all the stuff I was *meh* on in the fourth book, and the second film would have all the stuff I enjoyed about the fourth book... superpowers!

Marina Antunes said...

Some great stuff this week. A few thoughts:

Coppola's Dracula isn't great but I do love it. There's something sublimely cheesy about the entire thing that works for me.

Blade - I like all three films well enough but love the second. It strays a little from the original but I love the style and feel of it. That said, B3 is hugely entertaining for me and you got it: Reynolds is excellent. Love him here.

If you're still filling in back catalog, I suggest checking out Stewart in SPEAK. I saw it this past weekend and it's quiet excellent.

I thought AUSTRALIA had some moments and looked great but overall I didn't love it. Reminded me of a 40's romantic epic which I wasn't really expecting but appreciated. And Jackman...yeah.

STREET KINGS - oh so trashy. This is Keanu at his worst - seriously this isn't good but I saw it for him and Evans. I did love the car...

I jumped all over the place - sorry, should have taken notes while listening. Great show this week!

And I just have a mini Keanu Reeves thing going on this week.... :)

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Interesting take on Breaking Dawn Paul, I guess when it got to the superpower part I was just reading it to finish reading it. I can see the appeal there, but it's just so out there in comparison to the rest of the books that I really wonder how they will do it. If they split it to 2 films with that split suggestion, I'd say just truncate the 1st part (easy if they want to keep the series chaste) and full on go with the 2nd part!

Marina - you are right I did have a bit of a mini Keanu thing going on, and here I thought I was being so sly... I know you are a fan of this version of Dracula and I'll admit now I can definitely appreciate more of the film than I used to. I will pick up Speak and check it out - haven't even heard of that one!

I love all the Blade insights folks, really giving me a clearer picture on the divide.

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