Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Dusk Gets Religious in December


Dusk takes a unique approach to the holiday season bringing up films with a religious tone. Of course considering it is a channel dedicated to supernatural, thriller and suspense genres that means we won't be seeing The Ten Commandments or the Passion of the Christ but rather films that involve possession and exorcisms. Let's have a look, shall we?

Dec 5/09 at 9pm EST: The Ninth Gate
Dec 5/09 at 11:50pm EST: The Order
Dec 12/09 at 9pm EST: Stigmata
Dec 12/09 at 11:15pm EST: The Prophecy
Dec 19/09 at 9pm EST: The Exorcism of Emily Rose
Dec 19/09 at 11:35pm EST: Bringing Out the Dead
Dec 26/09 at 9pm EST: Bless the Child
Dec 26/09 at 11:20pm EST: Rosemary’s Baby

Interesting double bills there! I'm actually a big fan of Stigmata, I really enjoyed the performances by Patricia Arquette and Gabriel Byrne and just love her apartment in the film. I also think The Exorcism of Emily Rose was a solid horror/drama and of course Rosemary’s Baby is pretty classic for the scare factor.

Also seasonal in the line up is Black Christmas (2006) playing Dec 25/09 at 1:30am EST.

Although neither religious nor seasonal, but a great selection nonetheless this month is Watcher in the Woods, a 1980 Disney film that still scares me with the strong imagery and spooky story. It plays on December 22/09 at 9pm EST.


Suzie Ridler said...

That is so cool! I really love Dusk and what they are doing. Spooky in December totally rocks. I agree, Stigmata was an awesome movie, I found it mesmerizing. Rosemary's Baby, OK, that actually makes me laugh. And you will get to be all spooked out by Watcher in the Woods all over again Shannon! I watched it recently and enjoyed it, I love older movies.

Marina Antunes said...

It's not great but I'm actually a pretty big fan of THE ORDER. I've always loved the chemistry between Heath Ledger and Shannyn Sossamon - there was something so natural and comfortable about the two of them. I wish they'd made more films together.

Franco Macabro said...

These types of films are my speciality, seen em all though. Gotta love religious themed horror films!

Though the one you got listed for 12/06 as Bless THIS Child is actually called Bless THE Child.

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Yep, they definitely went spooky - there are a fair amount here that I'm going to try and catch up with. Love love love Stigmata - I think I just want to be her, minus the whole stigmata part that is.

I vaguely remember The Order but I think I just saw the beginning. They do have great chemistry though you are so right on that Marina!

Whoops on the title there, thanks Connoisseur - it's been corrected!

I'm a little surprized they didn't include the actual original Exorcist, but perhaps that ain't so festive!

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