Tuesday, 26 January 2010

DVD Releases: January 26, 2010

It's Tuesday which means it's DVD Day! Let's have a look at a selection of the films that are being released on DVD today.

There are two titles that are heading straight to my wish list this week as both made my Favourite Films of 2009 list and they are Drew Barrymore's director debut roller derby awesomeness of Whip It and Little Ashes the Salvador Dalí, Federico García Lorca and Luis Buñuel relationship biopic starring Robert Pattinson, Javier Beltrán and Matthew McNulty respectively. Both films are rich in characters who go through compelling journeys and also have awesome music.

Several films that are coming out that I only know little bits about but still am very curious include the festival buzz film Import Export, Canadian film The Timekeeper / L'heure de vérité starring Roy Dupuis, one of two Clive Owen releases of the day The Boys are Back, concert film of the 1974 concert in Zaire Soul Power and documentary Prom Night in Mississippi.

Interesting looking films that got a wider release that are coming to DVD include thriller/romance starring Julia Roberts & Clive Owen Duplicity, acclaimed animated film Mary and Max, romcom Ghost of Girlfriends Past, sci-fi thriller Surrogates and the fourth in the street racing series that welcomes back it's original cast Fast & Furious.

Also out this week is Michael Jackson's This is It, TV show remade for big screen Land of the Lost, book to film adaptation I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell and thriller Last House on the Left.

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The Timekeeper / L'heure de vérité & Mary and Max have no current US release date

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Some details about The Timekeeper here

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