Friday, 1 January 2010

Film Fan Fridays for Friday January 1, 2010!

Hello Film Fans and Fanatics!

Welcome to Film Fan Fridays for Friday January 1, 2010. Welcome to 2010, I hope it is a great year for everyone and a great year for film!

We actually have no new releases in Toronto this week which makes it strange to be writing this, put it's Friday and I just can't help myself. Since we start the first day of the first year with nothing new to see, it's be perfect time to look back at 2009. I've be busy making & checking lists over the past few weeks which I'm happy to share with you now. I've come up with my Favourite Films from 2009 which ended up being a lot - 30 in fact! I also created a video montage of all the posters of the films I saw at the theatre which you can see here. Trekking further down memory lane I explored A Decade of Movie Memories - 10 memorable film experiences per year for the past ten years. Also, as there are tons 'of the decade' lists I've made a link list of Films of the Decade lists for your enjoyment.

Want to make your own 2009 lists? Check out the following for reference & inspiration:
2009 Release by Title
2009 Releases by Release Date

#1 Box Office Films in 2009
IMDb Top Films
Metacritic Top Films

Done with 2009 and want to see what 2010 has in store for us? Check out the list of Upcoming 2010 films.

Happy list-ing! Have a happy & safe New Years weekend!


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