Thursday, 7 January 2010

People Choice Awards Winners 2010

The People's Choice Awards were presented last night and the winners announced and awards handed out. It's interesting to watch the selections from beginning to end as they started up to ten selections in each category, then paired that down to five finalists, then the winners announced tonight. The 2 hour broadcast felt rushed at times and they only showed 19 of the 34 awards on the broadcast, sometimes with introductions showing all the nominees and sometimes not. It wasn't hard to figure out the winners - if they were in the audiences and shown on camera, chances are they won something. But, this awards show really does show who has the largest fan base and that is always interesting to see.

As for speeches, Sandra Bullock & Hugh Jackman both had great acceptance speeches with Sandra Bullock's being heartfelt and emotional and Jackman’s being humours indicating if he's foreign & an actions star then it's time to run for Governor. I wasn't impressed with Taylor Lautner’s although he seemed sincerely overwhelmed he said almost nothing and although flattering I'm can't imagine it would have come as a big surprise to win breakout movie actor.

The worst wasn't speeches but the introduction from George Lopez who introduced the nominees for Favourite Movie Actress with 'jokes' about nudity, I mean really do these women need to hear that kind of talk before possibly winner/losing an award? But LL Cool J brought out the classes cards when introduced the nominees for Favourite Female Artist talking about women who know how to take care of business – thank you LL!

For the TV awards I'm thrilled to see that both "The Vampire Diaries" & "Glee" picked up awards for Favourite New TV Drama and Comedy respectively. No one from "The Vampire Diaries" was there to accept as they are currently shooting but Nina Dobrev twitted that she heard the news while at dinner with Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley and gave a big thank you to the fans for voting moments after the award was announced. Unfortunately the worst product placement came after the acceptance speech from the awesome cast of "Glee" where pizza was brought to the audience. Here I thought when they said they had a treat for folks it would a song!

The night ended on a great introduction by Sacha Baron Cohen to acceptance award for best movie actor & subsequently favourite movie actor of the decade for most votes for Johnny Depp. Sacha Baron Cohen reminded us that Johnny Depp sets trends such as pirates being cool and how now it’s ok to be middle age man offering kids candy (Willy Wonka) and in the future for men to invite young girls to tea (Alice in Wonderland). Then Johnny Depp gave a heartfelt thank you to the crowd who thanked him back with a standing ovation.

Overall there were some fun moments and great speeches but I didn't love all the product placement all over the place. There were some promos for upcoming film Robin Hood (trailer), Clash of the Titans (trailer) and the upcoming season of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.

Here are the winners, in the order in which they were presented followed by awards not shown on the broadcast:

TV Favourite Talk Show
The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Favourite Movie Comedy
The Proposal

Favourite R&B Artist
Mariah Carey

Favourite TV Comedy Actor
Steve Carell

Favourite TV Comedy Actress
Alyson Hannigan

Favourite TV Comedy
The Big Bang Theory

Favourite Country Artist
Carrie Underwood

Favourite TV Drama Actor
Hugh Laurie

Favourite TV Drama

Favourite Movie Actress
Sandra Bullock

Favourite Action Star
Hugh Jackman

Favourite Independent Film
Inglourious Basterds

Favourite Breakout Movie Actor
Taylor Lautner

Favourite Male Artist
Keith Urban

Favourite Web Celebrity
Ashton Kutcher

Favourite New TV Drama
The Vampire Diaries

Favourite New TV Comedy

Favourite Female Artist
Taylor Swift

Favourite Movie Actor (Due to the record number of votes, also favourite actor of the Decade)
Johnny Depp

Awarded but not show TV broadcast:

Favourite Comedic Star
Jim Carrey

Favourite Breakout Movie Actress
Miley Cyrus

Favourite On Screen Team
The Twilight Saga

Favourite Movie

Favourite Franchise
The Twilight Saga

Favourite TV Drama Actress
Katherine Heigl

Favourite TV Obsession
True Blood

Favourite Competition Show
American Idol

Favourite Animal Show
Dog Whisperer

Favourite Sci Fi / Fantasy TV Show

Favourite Breakout Music Artist
Lady Gaga

Favourite Rock Band

Favourite Music Collaboration
Jay-Z: Rihanna & Kanye West - Run This Town

Favourite Pop Artist
Lady Gaga

Favourite Hip Hop Artist

The People Choice Awards were broad casted live on air live on January 6, 2010 on CBS.


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