Monday, 18 January 2010

Poll Results: Golden Globes are This Sunday Jan 17, 2010 - You'll Be…

The results are in and it turns out the highest votes went to folks that were not going to be following the Golden Globe Awards last night (37%)! Next up was a tie at 25% of us being glued to the TV and the other 25% waiting until after the show to check the results. Last place goes to 12% who checked in on the show here & there. Overall it wasn't the liveliest show I've seen, with no sweeper and twitter had a collective surprize on Avatar winning best picture & director.

If you are looking for the results, you can check the 67th Golden Globe Awards Winners here.

37% - Won't be Following the Awards
25% - TIE: Glued to the TV & Wait Until After the Show for Results
12% - Check in on the Show Here & There

Thanks for voting!

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