Monday, 11 January 2010

Poll Results: Which January Release Are You Most Looking Forward To?

It looks like this month people are ready for action in a variety of different ways. The most votes for the poll on which January release are you most looking forward to goes to the religious/fantastical film Legion at 24%, followed by Denzel Washington kicking butt to save the world in Book of Eli at 21% and the vampire filled world of Daybreakers chimes in at 16%. After that we lighten up a little with comedies in various forms such as romantic comedy Leap Year at 13% and coming of age film Youth in Revolt at 10%. The 5% that are looking forward to Let Me In will have to wait a bit longer, the films revised released date is October 1, 2010. Rounding out the responses, Creation, Edge of Darkness & The White Ribbon have a three way tie for 2% and Extraordinary Measures comes in with 0%.

I have to say overall January is shaping up to be an unusually interesting month and I hope it's a trend that continues year after year!

24% - Legion
21% - Book of Eli
16% - Daybreakers
13% - Leap Year
10% - Youth in Revolt
5% - Let Me In
2% - Tie: Creation, Edge of Darkness & The White Ribbon
0% - Extraordinary Measures

Thanks for voting!

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