Thursday, 18 February 2010

Lord of the Rings Readlong: Fellowship of the Ring midpoint


It's over halfway though the month and I'm happy to say I'm around halfway through reading The Fellowship of the Ring for The Lord of the Rings readalong. I totally didn't take the Olympics into account, because once evening sets in I want to watch and cheer on the athletes, especially fellow Canadians! Sometimes I read and watch as some sports have downtime between the ... ah, insert sporty term .. like.. flights in skating? Anyhow, not the idea reading conditions but if it gets me keeping reading I'm happy!

I'm enjoying the book way more than the first time round, but I'll admit I get impatient during the sections where it isn't something in the film because I kind of get confused as to what is going on. But I can tell in my heart this is a book that I will end up re-reading again and again.

Our gracious readalong host, The Literary Omnivore has provided us with some questions to reflect on mid-challenge. Yay!

1. If you’ve been with us since the beginning, how do you feel about the narrator compared to the narrator in The Hobbit?

I jumped in with the Fellowship, so no real insight here. I have picked up on when they refer to events in The Hobbit, which I'd never noticed before. The Hobbit is on my to read list. I don't even think I own it!

2. How’s your pace going? Is it smooth sailing or have you found passages that are difficult to get through?

I'm clipping through at the pace set at about 1 chapter a day, and as mentioned above anything that isn't in the film I find harder to get through. Or, to be more truthful, I feel like I don't really need to read it with as much detail because how important could it be if it was cut from the film. Wow. That's a little rude of me!

3. If you’ve read this series before, is The Fellowship of the Ring, for the most part, as you remembered? If not, is it what you expected or something else?

There are really strange and small moments I remember from the first time and re-reading them now has been rather wild, like igniting a long forgotten memory. Quite fascinating.

4. Are you using any of the extra features- maps and indexes, for instance- in your book?

Not using any extra features, although I do glance at the maps occasionally. I don't normally do that with fantasy books as I find you can easily tell where the story is going but here I already know so it's fair game! I am taking notes, although I have no idea why - I don't usually do that with books but who knows, they may come in handy!

For fellow book people, I'm using Good Reads site now and loving it! You can find me at the Good Reads site as Movie Moxie. Feel free to friend me!


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

One of the joys of Lord of the Rings is that both the book and the movies are so wonderful! Enjoy!

Jenny said...

I think with Fellowship, they cut very little from the film that was important in the book - but the other two films did leave out some important bits. I know they had to! But it broke my heart. :(

(I could just be saying this because I saw the first film before reading the books, and then the second two after.)

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

It's true Jamie, both the book and the movies are good! Might be the only series like that!

I agree with you Jenny, as much as I can from memory. I don't remember the 2rd and 3rd books well at all but I knew that they seem to be trimmed a bit more than the first one in the adaptation. I still have yet to see all the extended film versions though!

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