Monday, 1 February 2010

Poll Results: 3D Films Are...

Although the result are all over the place here, if you look close enough it almost feels like an even split with 40% pro 3D (25% to Awesome When Done Well + 15% to The Wave of the Future) and 60% not so thrilled about 3D (30% to A Fad, 20% to I Can't 'See' the 3D and 10% to A Cash Grab)

Out of all of the results I'm the most surprized with 20% who picked I Can't 'See' the 3D, as when I tell people I can't see the 3D they give me the strangest looks or comments... but as the poll indicates I'm not alone on this one! Something for the filmmakers to consider!

30% - A Fad
25% - Awesome When Done Well
20% - I Can't 'See' the 3D
15% - The Wave of the Future
10% - A Cash Grab

Thanks for voting!

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blake said...

I was one who voted that this is a fad, and I thought the option about not being able to see the 3D was a joke. But clearly its not. Now I'm wondering if the fact that I'm so unimpressed with the feature is a result of me not being able to see what others see...

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