Thursday, 25 February 2010

Thursday Thrills, Chills and Spills


Kicking More Ass: Kick-Ass 2
Nothing like hearing about a sequel before the first film is even out, eh? Kick-Ass 2 appears to be part of a master plan according to this io9 article. I'm excited for Kick-Ass, and I have to say that out of all the previews I've seen so far in the theatre this year, it gets the best audience reaction each and every time. We'll see the first film hit the theatres April 16, 2010.

Ian McShane cast as Blackbeard in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
Yes, there arrrrrgh going to be more pirates films in the future. Geeks of Doom reports that Ian McShane has been cast in Pirates 4 aka Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides as the the villain Blackbeard. I guess this means I finally have to watch the third in the series. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is set to release May 20, 2011, which was the date that Thor was to be released, but that's been revised to May 6, 2011. See more about Pirates 4 at their IMDb Page.

Matthew Goode as The Hobbit?
Seems fitting to report on Middle Earth while doing the Lord of the Rings readalong, Screen Rant is reporting that Matthew Goode (A Single Man, Leap Year, Watchmen) has auditioned for the role of Bilbo Baggins in the upcoming Guillemo Del Toro / Peter Jackson's The Hobbit. First thoughts I think are that he'd be perfect. Yep, clear eyes that twinkle and does that open yet innocently mischievous thing well. I'd buy him as a hobbit, er The Hobbit. I've not kept close tabs on this film as it's currently slated for 2012 release, however IMDb lists a Part 1 and Part 2? Really? I know he was an adventureous bloke, but 2 films? At least they are both to come out in 2012.

Roy Billing as Chief Dufflepud in Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader shares an image of Roy Billing as Chief Dufflepud in the upcoming film Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I wish I could comment more on the pic or casting choice but reading the book is still on my list of books to read this year, and with a Dec 10,2010 release date I still have plenty of time to get to the book!

Possible Paranormal Activity 2 Directors Possibilities
I don't usually like commenting until things are set in stone, but I can't help but share the possible directors for the sequel to last year's horror-indie-that-could Paranormal Activity as noted in the LA Times. Brace yourself. Names being thrown around are: Brian De Palma (Redacted, Femme Fatale, Scarface), Brad Anderson (Transsiberian) and Greg Mclean (Rogue, Wolf Creek). I voting for Greg Mclean - Wolf Creek scared the crap out of me and Rogue is a not only a gorgeous film to look at, but a great thriller as well. Go Greg Mclean! Although the director isn't decided yet, a released date has been set for Friday October 22, 2010 - just before Halloween and also a Full Moon :)

New Nightmare or Elm Street Déjà vu?
A new trailer has been added for the upcoming film A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010). Now, we know it's a reboot - and I'm okay with that. The trailer starts off impressive and strong and then gets very familiar. Too familiar for my tastes. But, I can't help myself from going to see it. Also, I revisited the original a few years back and was surprized that it felt way more cheesy than I remembered. So, maybe this new kind of redux will deliver a deluxe. Anything is possible! A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) hits screens April 30, 2010.

But, I wanna be scared NOW!
Don't fret, not much time to wait for scares. The big thrilling & chilling film out this week would have to be The Crazies which comes out tomorrow Friday February 26, 2010 and stars Timothy Olyphant, Radha Mitchell and Joe Anderson. It's a remake of a 1973 George A. Romero film of the same name. I'm shocked to say I've not seen one poster for it around town, but I've seen the trailer many times and if you want to see that you can watch it here.

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Jenny said...

Oh, my God, the Dufflepuds! I haven't been wild about the first two Narnia books but I AM SO EXCITED for Voyage of the Dawn Treader (not solely because of the lovely Ben Barnes). I hope you get to reading it soon. The Dufflepuds are utterly the best thing in the Narnia books. THE BEST.

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Well now I'm certainly looking forward to it a lot more! I pretty much breezed though the first two without them making too much of an impact on me (although I loved the films). Now I'm really hyped for the third book! Thanks Jenny!

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