Tuesday, 30 March 2010

30th Genie Nominations - film list

List organized by most nominations, then alphabetical. Documentaries and all shorts listed separately at the end as the categories lend themselves to only have 1 nomination per film.

See also: film list with nominations detailed or full nominations list

Polytechnique (11)
Before Tomorrow (9)
Grande ourse: La clé des possibles / The Master Key (8)
Fifty Dead Men Walking (7)
5150, rue des Ormes / 5150 Elm’s Way (5)
1981 (4)
Love & Savagery (4)
3 Saisons (3)
De père en flic / Father and Guns (3)
Pontypool (3)
Adoration (2)
Babine (2)
Les grandes chaleurs / Heat Wave (2)
One Week (1)
Cairo Time (1)
Les doigts croches / Sticky Fingers (1)
Mothers&Daughters (1)
Trailer Park Boys: Countdown to Liquor Day (1)
Victoria Day (1)
You Might As Well Live (1)

Feature Documentary Nominees - 1 nomination each
A Hard Name
Les Dames En Bleu / Ladies in Blue
Inside Hana's Suitcase
Prom Night in Mississippi
RIP: A Remix Manifesto

Short Film Nominees - 1 nomination each
Danse Macabre
The Delian Mode
Petropolis: Aeriel Perspectives on the Alberta Tar Sands
Princess Margaret Blvd.
Runaway / Train en Folie
The Spine / L'Échine
Terre des Hommes / Land of Men
La Vie Commence / Life Begins
Vive la Rose

Claude Jutra Award
Golden Reel Award

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