Thursday, 8 April 2010

Love at the Twilight Motel


Dir: Alison Rose
Canada, 2010

Reason to see: Praise from Bob over at Eternal Sunshine of the Logical Mind was enough to get me to see it (see his review here)

I love the opportunity of going into a film blinding on a high recommendation from someone I trust, and that is what prompted me to see Love at the Twilight Motel, and it really paid off. I'm actually rather glad I went in blind to see this documentary centred on portraits of people who all tell their stories of using gated, private-entranced, rent by-the-hour motel rooms in Miami. It's not something I'd likely go for, but I'm glad I did as this film is a phenomenal example of not only the complexities of human nature but also the sensitivity of skillful film-making.

Following seven people, we are allowed into their respective worlds to we hear each of their stories. From the very open Richard and Gigi to more reserved Sara and Mr. B, they talk openly and honestly about their lives, be they a combination of secrets and dual lived or completely transparent to us and the world. We hear why and what they use the motels for as well as how and if that impacts other, or the 'regular' part of their lives. The intimacy of the location allows the perfect setting for these frank portraits to be revealed, there is a safely in the containment of the small rooms which offer comfort and privacy. The stories told offer an unique insight into human nature as well as an outlet for the people involved be it a release, a reveal, a boast on an admission, everyone has something different to share.

Compelling and respectful throughout, one of the most amazing thing about the documentary is that it presented everyone without any judgment. A frank, fascinating exploration of human nature, desire, need, freedom and power.

Leave your judgments at the door and check out Love at the Twilight Motel.

Love at the Twilight Motel opens in Toronto on Saturday April 10, 2010 at The Royal.
It plays at The Royal April 10 & 11, 2010 at 7pm & at The Revue on April 14 & 15, 2010 at 7pm

Shannon's Overall View:
I thoroughly enjoyed it
I'll watch it again
I'd recommend it anyone interested in human nature & portrait documentaries

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Bob Turnbull said...

Yay me! B-)

Again, I'm so glad you liked it. I talked to Alison a bit after the first Royal Cinema screening about a possible DVD release and mentioned that I would need numerous copies to foist on friends...

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Yay you indeed! I hope word of mouth grows for the film, I know it's one I'm going make sure people know about it and encourage to see it!

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