Monday, 31 May 2010

Poll Results: Prince of Persia opens this week... what's your favourite Jake Gyllenhall film?

You've had your say and the votes are in, you what's your favourite Jake Gyllenhall film comes in with a mini-sweep tie between Brokeback Mountain and Donnie Darko, both getting an impressive 37%. Trailing at at 12% is The Day After Tomorrow (my pick, hehe), than another tie at 6% between Zodiac & Bubble Boy (as Other). Left in the dust is Brothers & Jarhead at 0%.

I'm actually surprized Zodiac didn't place a bit higher. Mind you, I'm also surprized I never reviewed Brokeback Mountain! Very interesting all around. Thanks for voting!

37% - Tie: Brokeback Mountain & Donnie Darko
12% - Day After Tomorrow, The
6% - Tie: Zodiac & Other (Bubble Boy)
0% - Tie: Brothers & Jarhead

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