Monday, 28 June 2010

Countdown to Eclipse in Pictures Day 6: School Days

Countdown to Eclipse in Pictures * continues with Day 6 on this lovely Monday Morning. I know it's the end of June, but I think I will always associate Mondays with school so what better time to stroll down memory lane of High School in Forks.

Twilight School Days
JACKSON RATHBONE, ASHLEY GREENE, KELLAN LUTZ, NIKKI REED and ROBERT PATTINSON (left to right) star in the thriller TWILIGHT, a Summit Entertainment release, Photo credit Deana Newcomb

KELLAN LUTZ, NIKKI REED, ASHLEY GREENE and JACKSON RATHBONE (left to right) star in the thriller TWILIGHT, a Summit Entertainment release, Photo credit Deana Newcomb

Lunch room days with the Cullen vampires. It's all posturing folks. Surprized I didn't find any pictures with the humans, but then again this is the only film where all the Cullens are still in school and that first lunch room scene really is such a great moment that they deserve all the glory here. Also a great shot of the Rosalie Hale scarf (which I've made 3 times now, great scarf - great pattern). I still have no idea how Nikki Reed walked in those extraordinary heels. Vamp powers ftw.

New Moon School Days
(Left to right) JUSTIN CHON stars as Eric, MICHAEL WELCH stars as Mike, ANNA KENDRICK stars as Jessica and CHRISTIAN SERRATOS stars as Angela in THE TWILIGHT SAGA NEW MOON, Photo Credit Kimberley French

Here are the humans! They survived lunchroom drama from the first year to come back for New Moon. Not that they were in any grave danger from the veggievampires. The humans are always one of my favourite parts of the film, really grounding the high school friend dynamics well and providing a nice contrast of normal lives to the much more interesting adventures of Bella's journey.

Eclipse School Days
(L to R) ANNA KENDRICK, JUSTIN CHON, CHRISTIAN SERRATOS and MICHAEL WELCH star in THE TWILIGHT SAGA ECLIPSE. Photo Kimberley French, © 2010 Summit Entertainment, LLC. All rights reserved

More human goodness in front of the big yellow bus. I don't remember any trips in Eclipse, so I'm curious to see where this will be in the film.

* Countdown to Eclipse in Pictures is a daily series for 1 week enjoying the images of The Twilight Saga in anticipation of the release of Eclipse. Be sure to check back daily for more pics!

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