Monday, 7 June 2010

Worldwide Short Film Festival 2010 Wrap Up


The official awards have been announced for the Worldwide Short Film Festival, but as tends to be the case with me I've seen almost zero of the award winners (other than the well deserved Slip and Wood If), so I'm going to have my say and share the films that stood out from the screenings I went to.

Favourite Fiction:
Pumzi and Fish

Artistic Works of Wonder:
Tungijoq and Round/XX Teens

Favourite Animated:

Favourite Documentary:
Photograph of Jesus

The Brilliant & Bizarre:
The Wonder Hospital and Chloe & Attie

Best Acting:
Birthday / Födelsedag, Laura's Party and The New Tenants

Gayby and The Hobbyist

Favourite Programs:
SciFi: OUT THERE and onedotzero: New British Talent '09

Most Enthusiastic Crowd:
Official Selection 11: Not Just From Venus and of course Opening Gala: Awards Winners From Around the World

Touched My Heart:
It's Sunday! / C'est Dimanche!, Laura's Party, The Six Dollar Fifty Man and I Stood Up

Still Has Me Thinking:
Vostok Station

Wish I Hadn't Missed:
Both the Midnight Selection (Freaky & Creepy), especially The Little Dragon

Birthdays, pregnancy, taking care of people (or creatures), isolation

The Worldwide Short Film Festival ran from June 1-6, 2010 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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