Friday, 23 July 2010

Friday Happy: The Good The Bad The Weird comes to DVD Aug 17, 2010


I literally leapt out of my chair with a squeal of joy earlier this week when I ran across this earlier this week:

The Good The Bad The Weird hits DVD on August 17, 2010!

I have been over the moon excited to see this film for OVER 2 YEARS now! The first time I wrote about it was back in June 2008 when the fantastic trailer first appeared online showing us a freaking stylish, funny South Korean western full on with guns, horses and trains. I watched the trailer a record amount of times, probably the most times of any film every (with the Mirageman trailer as a close second).

The Good The Bad The Weird was in Toronto as a Gala Presentation during the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival, but regular TIFF goers will remember that years as the one was the year of the premium tickets kerfuffle and therefore wasn't available on regular passes and was $40 (twice as much as regular tickets). And I was like "I"m not paying that! That's unfair!" Oh, boy - I regretted it. I had no idea it would take over 2 years before I would have the opportunity to see the film. But here it is! As of August 17, 2010 the Kim Jee-woon film starring Woo-Sung Jung, Byung-hun Lee and Kang-ho Song will be available on DVD in just a few short weeks.

I for one, can't wait. But I will. Less than a month isn't that long after waiting 2 years and it makes me so happy. That's why I'm sharing this on Friday as my sister Jamie hosts the The Next Chapter: The Happy Book, a book blogging group and they are sharing their happy every Friday, and you can too over at the site right here. What made you happy this week? It's fun to share our happys!

I usually don't embed trailers, but this one is really my favourite trailer ever so I'm breaking the rules. It's not the highest quality visually but it's the 'right' one.

Looking for a way to get the film yourself? Check out The Good The Bad The Weird at and

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Madgestic said...

Ah, great stuff. But strictly speaking it won't be a Happy Friday till the DVD actually comes out :)

I loved this film. I think Korean cinema is some of the cleverest, slickest and most inventive around.

Not to mention one of the few film industries around that are heavily subsidised by the government - no wonder their films are so wonderful!

I'll be putting Aug 17 in my movie nerdette calendar ;)

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