Monday, 26 July 2010

Poll Results: Inception Impression....

I'm not that suprized to see that 50% Saw & Loved Inception! I wonder if it will be the film of the summer? Next most popular vote is actually a tie at 18% which goes to both Saw it & Enjoyed it and Still Planning on Seeing It. Very low % goes to Not Planning on Seeing it (9%) and Saw It & Didn't Love It (4%).

50% - Saw It. Loved It.
18% - Tie: Saw It. Enjoyed It. & Still Planning on Seeing It.
9% - Not Planning on Seeing It.
4% - Saw It. Didn't Love It.

Thanks for voting!

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Suzie Ridler said...

Interesting that a whopping 50% saw and loved it! I'm one of those people. Well, I really liked it, thought it was very smart. I can't say that I totally got into it though but it was one of the better movies I have seen in the theatres in a while for sure.

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