Monday, 5 July 2010

Poll Results: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Comes Out This Week. When Are You Seeing It?

You have voted and the results are in. A whopping 65% voted that they are not planning on seeing The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Wow. I'm a little surprized at that, not as many Twi-fans here as I'd thought. Of the remaining 35% who are planning on seeing it, it's a Tie for 2nd place of seeing it at the Midnight Screening along with After the Crowd Dies Down, and then 8% saw it on Opening Day. Interesting that 0% planned on seeing it opening weekend, I've very curious to see how it did at the box office after a really strong midnight take. We will know soon enough.

65% - Not Planning on Seeing It
13% - Tie: Midnight Screening & After the Crowd Dies Down
8% - Opening Day
0% - Opening Weekend

Thanks for voting!


Elizabeth said...

I can't remember if I voted in the poll or not but I originally I was going to wait until after the opening weekend so that I could avoid the crowds, but I caught a near empty screening on Saturday at 4pm at the Varsity (seriously, maybe 15 people in theatre 8) so I lucked out. I didn't expect there to be tons of people wanting to see it at that particular theatre, but I was still surprised by the numbers.

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Wow, 15 people in Varsity 8 is pretty freaking sparse. I'm suprized that it feels like the weekend was lighter than expected, but the numbers from the midnight and Wed/Thurs are pretty epic.

I went to a midnight screening and it was PACKED. But, then went again on Canada Day in the morning in IMAX and it was pretty quiet - but almost all 11:30am screenings are quiet :)

Elizabeth said...

To be fair, the Varsity had it playing on numerous screens (both VIP and not) and had screenings starting every half hour or so perhaps I picked one of the less popular screenings. Still, it was kind of depressing because Varsity 8 is so huge.

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