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Dir: Nimród Antal (Armored)
Cast: Adrien Brody, Alice Braga, Topher Grace, Laurence Fishburne, Danny Trejo, Walter Goggins, Louis Ozawa Changchien, Oleg Taktarov
USA, 2010

Seen: July 9, 2010 at Scotiabank

Reason to see: I love the original Predator

We are getting a lot of nostalgia action love the summer. We've already seen The A-Team and still have The Expendables to be released, but the most recent addition is Predators. I have a hard time containing myself from saying it like "Predatorzesez" for some reason. Anyhoo...

I was both excited and skeptical when I heard we were getting another Predators film, excited because the original is one of the most awesome action films with the whole band of highly skilled fit dudes and contains the best arm embrace EVER. But skeptical as the sequel and "vs Aliens" ones were just not so great. It all started with a great idea, and with Predators they embrace the spirit of that original idea: An alien predator vs highly skilled dudes. Yay! This was a smart choice because it hits on lots of great marks - fans of the original will latch on to it, new fans coming in are introduced to the idea which works within it self, and they of course add new elements for everyone to enjoy.

The film really plays to it's strengths. We have an awesome and diverse cast which slightly modifies the the band of skilled fit folks, but still fits and works that mould well. Adrien Brody is particularly awesome here, I never would have pegged him as 'action guy!' but this just proves that he can get into and deliver in every genre. I was also particularly taken with Oleg Taktarov as the big gun toting Nikolai and Topher Grace as the odd man out. Overall, we have lots of characters to love and cheer for along the way, which is something I always want in an action flick.

One element that I'm a little surprized they added, but it works well, it that it is also a clear commentary on human nature and survival. That shouldn't seem like a leap, but it took me a bit off guard. It's not something I love to see explored as it usually doesn't ends well, but I think here it's an interesting and apt layer to add to what could have been a completely brainless shoot 'em up film. A nice touch. Another nice touch that I was suprized at was the use of the original music from the first film. Oh, my surprize might have been how easily I recognized it. Yes, I watched a lot of 80's action films so I clearly have that knowledge base!

The action scenes, which I am sure is the reason that lots of people will be interested in the film, were really great. Big delivery here, although they might feel a bit few and far between I think that works with the whole predator/prey aspect and the pay off is always worth it.

There were a few gender crap moments which I totally could have done without, especially some of the language, but it's rather contained so I tried not to let it limit my enjoyment of the film. And I really did enjoy the film, it had a lot going for it and was ultimately better than I expected. I think it's the Adrien Brody factor in full effect here, he was truly awesome. I may have been one of the few people in the audience to appreciate him in it's fullest considering how I was only one of two women in an audience, but I'll tell ya, it's worth it just for him. And of course a whole lot more.

Warnings: violence

Shannon's Overall View:
I enjoyed it
I'll buy it
I'd recommend it action fans

16 minutes of preshow including 10 commercials and 5 previews: The Other Guys, Step Up 3D, Piranha 3D, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps and Machete

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Franco Macabro said...

Im kind of surprised with Brody's acting choices lately, they have been unpredictable and bold, Im glad to see him trying different things...cant wait to see what he does in THe Experiment, it looks like that one will be really good!

Some people felt cheated with that shot of all the lasers in Brody's face not showing up on the actual film. But hey trailers have always had stuff that doesn't make it to the final cut of the film so Im not that surprised.

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Bold is a great way to describe Adrien Brody's acting choices - I'd have to agree with that, and I like bold to boot! Did you hear The Experiment is going straight to DVD? I think in Sept. Sad - it looks good.

Odd, I don't remember lasers in the face ... I thought they had one. I only saw the trailer a few times, this one was way more hyped online that out there in theatres.

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