Monday, 5 July 2010

TIFF 2010: And It Begins!

Packages go on sale today for Visa cardholders for TIFF 2010. This is the day that always feels like the beginning of the TIFF season to me, although titles are still a mystery it's when the planning wheels start turning in my head.

We have a few changes this year and the biggest one is an extra day of festival! That's right, it's gone from it's regular 10 day Thursday to 2nd Saturday format to an 11 day Thursday to 2nd Sunday format. In some ways, I'm not surprized as getting that extra day in there means more festivalling, especially for locals and this 11 day format is used but several other festivals here in Toronto, namely Hot Docs and Inside Out. I always look forward to sleeping that second Sunday after packing in 40+ films over the festival, but I know that's a little on the high side of film consumption volume.

For the new-to-TIFF, packages are available for purchase now but the film lists and schedule are not yet released. There are many packages available and this year they've split them into My Choice (you make the selections) and TIFF Choice (they make the selection).

My Choice packages range from the mammoth 50-ticket package t0 10-ticket package, and read the details carefully as different packages have different limitations from number of tickets per screening per pass, or time of day (i.e. Daytime packs are for screenings that start before 5:01pm).

TIFF Choice packages can be specified by program, like the 10-ticket Midnight Madness Pack or 6 Film City-to-City Pass; by time with the Evening & Weekend and Daytime Packs, or even by experience with the VISA Screening Room and Roy Thompson Hall passes. New this year is The Canadian, a 5 film package to regular screenings of Canadian films. TIFF is a great place to see Canadian film, I'm so curious to what will be included in that pass this year!

Also to note this year, is the differentiation of Regular and Premium screenings. Premium screenings are described as follows: "We have refined our definition of a premium screening around the experience you will have. These are screenings that are World or North American premieres and offer a premium experience including a red carpet event." All My Choice packages are for regular screenings only, no premium screenings. TIFF Choice package have some that are all regular, some that are all premium, and some that are a combination of both.

This is just a taste the packages available, you can see full listing of packages with prices and descriptions here. Read everything carefully to make sure you are getting the package that will fit with the TIFF experience you want to have! There is a great outline of the package purchasing process here, as it is a multi-step process. Also check out the FAQ for handy details and it's always a good idea to familiarize yourself with festival policies as well.

You can purchase TIFF 2010 packages here with VISA.

Not a Visa cardholder? Don't despair - you can purchase packages as of next Monday July 12, 2010. Get more information on ticketing and box office here.

Don't want to get a pass? Then you have lots of time on your hands and can rest until September 3, 2010 when single tickets go on sale. Prices for single tickets are similar to last year with regular tickets at around $20, but premium screenings are around $40.

So, it does feel like it all begins today. But what happens next? Here are some key dates:
August 18, 2010: Film list available online
August 24, 2010: Film schedule available online
August 24, 2010: Program Book available for pick up
August 24, 2010: Advance Order book available
August 30, 2010: before 1pm Drop off advance Order Book (film selection)
August 30, 2010: at 1pm Draw day
September 2, 2010: Ticket Pick Up begins
September 2, 2010: Ticket Exchange begins
September 9 - 19, 2010: The Festival Dates!

The Toronto International Film Festival 2010 runs from September 9 - 19, 2010 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Elizabeth said...

All My Choice packages are for regular screenings only, no premium screenings.

Well that won't do much to counteract the concerns a lot of people have about increasing elitism at this festival.

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

I'm very curious as to how many premium screenings there will be. Some people have read it as any North American or World Premiere - but that isn't what it says. My bet is it will be any biggie films at Ryerson with major guests, that would have a red carpet anyway.

I'm actually pretty surprized at this, after the brouhaha 2 years ago where there ended up being some screenings that where only available as premium, and there was a huge response from festival goers. This isn't as exclusive, but still have that tone to it. On the flip side, it hopefully will provide screenings where you are guaranteed guests.

Ryan McNeil said...

With the premium flicks, I guess we can't stop 'em for trying it...of course if they play to half-empty houses (like they did at The Elgin 2 years back) then this could get repealed in a hurry.

I of course am amazingly stoked, since I sat most of it out last year due to wedding budget worries.

Time to return with a vengence!

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

I can imagine you must be excited after taking a year off - which I still can't believe you did, but you had your own event of mass importance to take care of :)

I'm very curious to see how the premium screenings will pan out. I have a feeling it will likely be biggie stuff like red carpets at the Ryerson, which isn't usually stuff I end up at anyway. Who knows! I can't believe we have to wait so long for the schedule!

Elizabeth said...

My bet is it will be any biggie films at Ryerson with major guests, that would have a red carpet anyway.

Sure, but in previous years you could get tickets to those with your regular ticket packages whereas evidently now you can't? Unless I'm totally misinterpreting it, which I very well may be.

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

That is what the change sounds like to me, because there are definitely World & NA Premieres there with red carpets. That's my interpretation, but until we get the schedule, it's hard to say which particular screenings it will be.

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