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Skellig - The Owl Man (DVD Review)


Dir: AJ Jankel (D.O.A. (1988), Super Mario Bros.)
Cast: Bill Milner, Tim Roth, John Simm, Kelly MacDonald, Skye Bennett, Jermain Allen
UK, 2009

Reason to see: Tim Roth as an Owl Man was something I had to see

Based on the childrens novel Skellig by David Almond, the film Skellig - The Owl Man follows young Michael (Bill Milner of Son of Rambow) as he moves with his very pregnant mom (Kelly MacDonald) and dad (John Simm) to a new, yet rather run down, house to accommodate the anticipated new arrival in the family.

Although following a fairly straightforward theme for a kids film of the changes in family dynamics of going from being the eldest and only child to a different dynamic, the film has loads of themes, atmosphere and asks many an interesting question. The creepy new house that is actual old is a virtual playing ground for all things creepy and that have more than two legs or even wings. Because the house it also in a state of disrepair it provides one of several opportunity to showcase the choice and power of transformation, and the value and results that can be achieved at working at such goals, which is really refreshing take over a world where it seems like everyone wants the newest, shiniest, speediest... everything.

And about those wings, as the film is called Skellig - The Owl Man, and that's where Tim Roth comes in as and he is in a state of disrepair just as the house is. Tim Roth does a great job conveying this creepy yet fragile owl man, whom Michael is understandable scared of but also is intrigued by. Got to love the whole scared but curious nature of Michael, as he reaches out to help and befriend this curious creature. I was really impressed by how many serious themes they ended up very organically building into the film, not only with relationship dynamics but also the power of belief, helping and healing. But it's interesting that even though those all feel very sweet natured it still manages to get oodles of creepy spiders and creatures in it too.

Overall I found it to be a very charming take of the challenges of growing as a kid and learning more about life, and refreshing look that was very open and realistic yet still managed to maintain a spirited enough atmosphere to allow for fantasy elements like the owl man.

Skellig - The Owl Man
is available on DVD as of August 17, 2010. Check it out over at Amazon.ca & Amazon.com

Shannon's Overall View:
I enjoyed it
I'd watch it again
I recommend it as family film with a fantasy and thought provoking angle

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Simon said...

Anything involving the oriverbial Son of Rambow and Tim Roth must be good.

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Watching the film was driving me crazy not being able to figure out where I knew Bill Milner from, I thought it must be something more recent than the film, but being Son of Rambow... just floored me. I'd have to say the Tim Roth sets a new standard for owl men :)

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