Tuesday, 26 October 2010

DVD Releases for October 26, 2010

We have a fan-freaking-tastic selection of DVD release for October 26, 2010 to explore!

First up is the hilarious and heartbreaking film The Misfortunates / De helaasheid der dingen, a family drama that someone manages to balance naked cycling with excessing drinking to everyday family life. And all in Flemish. It's a must-see, as it the Italian film I Am Love starring Tilda Swinton. Both are easily on my favourite films of 2010. Also out is The Girl Who Played with Fire / Flickan som lekte med elden which is releasing on DVD just days before the 3rd film of the trilogy hits theatres this Friday. And Carrie & the girls are back to shop & solve their dramas and keep their friendships ticking in Sex and the City 2.

I'm thrilled to see the release of the Irish film Kisses on DVD this week, it's a fascinating drama starring two very young leads who decide to strike out on their own, with amazingly real performances for such young actors. Also out is the highly acclaimed chilling drama Winter's Bone, which I'm anticipated to be a heavy hitter at this years Spirit Awards. We also have Xavier Dolan's (J'ai tué ma mère / I Killed My Mother) latest with Amours Imaginaires / Heartbeats very quickly after it's theatrical release here in Toronto.

Looking for something scary to pick up? One wild card this week is the horror flick on a plane with Altitude, although my pick would be to Criteron's release of House which although I've not seen I've heard such amazing, awestruck and confused reports on that I know I'll have to snag this Japanese 70's flick to check out. If zombies are more your deal than it may be time to catch up with Kevin Tenney's Brain Dead.

For TV on DVD my pick would be Law & Order UK, even at only 13 episodes and drawing inspiration and stories from the American version I still found it to be a very engaging show with fantastic acting from the main cast of Jamie Bamber (Battlestar Gallactica), Bradley Walsh, Ben Daniels and Freema Agyman (Doctor Who).

Feeling nostalgic? Maybe it's time to revisit Back to the Future 25 year Anniversary Trilogy Edition. Holy noodle, has it been 25 years since Back to the Future? Wow. Also out this week is the Criteron edition of Paths of Glory.

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