Monday, 25 October 2010

Poll Results: The Scariest Films Are…?

I'm absolutely beaming that the clear leader for The Scariest Films Are... goes to Paranormal with 41% Fans of the paranormal are in for a treat this week as on this weeks Movie Moxie Podcast I've be discussing supernatural films as a genre and even touching on the differences and definitions of supernatural, paranormal and the occult. The next in the running for results as folks that don't like scary films at all (16%), then a tie between Aliens & Psychological (12% each), Slashers (8%) and ending with another tie at Monsters & Straight Up Horror (4% each).

Poll Results:
41% - Paranormal
16% - I Don't Like Scary Films
12% - Tie: Aliens and Psychological
8% - Slasher
4% - Tie: Monsters and Straight-Up Horror

Thanks so much for voting!

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