Tuesday, 2 November 2010

DVD Releases for November 2, 2010

Tuesday time - which means time to take a look at what's hitting this shelf this week Tuesday November 2, 2010 on DVD release. The biggie of the week is a clear choice as we have Toy Story 3, which I didn't get out to see in theatres but am hoping to catch up with at some point.

My pick of the week would be the sword & sandal-eque, and you have to -esque it because there is *no sand*, Centurion a interesting spin and different structure of an epic tale starring Michael Fassbender. We also have the latest for director Alain Resnais with the comedy/drama Wild Grass. I'm curious to see if Gaillo will meet it's scheduled release for today as the word is that Adrien Brody is suing to try to stop the release of the film due to non-payment. Wow. That's a first in terms of DVD releases!

Keeping it real we have some documentaries out this week including Colossal Squid, Inside Hana's Suitcase and fan favourite Winnebago Man which is listed on IMDb as a documentary/comedy.

Love and Distrust is the wild card of the week with a cast of Robert Downey Jr., James Franco, Sam Worthington, Amy Adams, Rachel Miner and Robert Pattinson my first thought was "How did this not get a regular release?" Then I watched the trailer for which all the footage with Robert Pattinson I recognize from the short film The Summer House, the Sam Worthington footage looks circa Somersault and the RDJ shots I don't recognize but it ain't recent. It's noted as a romance/drama but I'm thinking it must be some kind of re-purposed footage experiment or exercise. With no official website or Wikipedia page, I can't confirm more at this time but looks more than a little odd to me.

TV on DVD this week includes the miniseries The Pacific and redux of aliens visitors series V: The Complete First Season.

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