Tuesday, 18 January 2011

DVD Releases for January 18, 2011

Tuesday Time! Let's have a look at what's on DVD this week, Tuesday January 18, 2011:

  • Paper Man (DVD Review) - I was very impressed at the strong emotional core and touching tone of this film, it's quite a special one and has great performances by Jeff Daniels and Emma Stone. Well worth checking out.
  • Down Terrace - This UK family crime drama make my Perfect List of 2010 and it's a fantastic spin on the genre going for way more drama but still packing a very strong punch
  • Score: A Hockey Musical - Really fun Canadian musical centred on a home schooled granola-parented kid who gets into the big bright world of hockey
  • Fire on the Amazon - unrated version of the 1993 film starring Sandra Bullock, Craig Sheffer & Juan Fernandez from director Luis Llosa (Anaconda, The Specialist)
  • Gun (DVD Review) - action/crime film written by and starring Curtis Jackson (50 Cent), also starring Val Kilmer and Paul Calderon
  • S&Man/Sandman - This is one of those films that I just keep missing in the genre world, and I'm not super sure if I want to delve into it or not because it might be too creepy - but at least now I have the option!
  • London River - surprizingly this one just opened at Lightbox last week and now is hitting DVD
  • Jack Goes Boating - drama starring and directed by Philip Seymour Hoffman
  • Infidel - cultural comedy that's got quite good responses but I just kept missing it
  • The Switch - one of several artificial insemination films from 2010, this one stars Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman
  • Merlin: The Complete Second Season - I've really enjoyed this UK series that is a new take on the Arthurian from perspective of a young Merlin.
  • 18 to Life Season 1 - tagline is "Married, with Parents" and seems like a sweet show
  • Buried - Ryan Reynolds stars as a man buried alive
  • Death Race 2 straight to DVD sequel to Death Race with this one starring Luke Goss, Ving Rhames, Sean Bean and Danny Trejo
  • Flipped - family friendly pick of the week
  • Stone - mystery/thriller starring Robert De Niro, Milla Jovovich and Edward Norton
  • Takers - heisty looking crime film that is another one I kept hoping to get out to see.

Titles on Amazon.ca(Canada):

Titles on Amazon.com (US):

Score: A Hockey Musical and London River are not currently available on Amazon.com (US)
The Switch will be available as of March 15, 2011 on Amazon.com


The Film Reel said...

I've been waiting for Paper Man for a little bit now so I'll have to make sure to check around for it.

mkv mkv said...

Death Race is the movie I was waiting for. I will buy this one.

Anonymous said...

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