Tuesday, 1 March 2011

DVD Releases for March 1, 2011

Time to have our weekly look at a selection of DVD releases for March 1, 2011

  • Burlesque Easily one of the funnest films of 2010 for me and I loved the soundtrack to book. Small town girl (Christina Aguilera) looking to make it on the stage is a story I'll always watch, especially if there Cher is involved.
  • Faster (DVD Review) Revenge thriller with fast cars and cool killers
  • Lance et Compte / He Shoots He Scores (DVD Review) French Canadian hockey drama
  • A Beautiful Life (DVD Review) Los Angeles set drama featuring an unlikely trio of friends
  • The Bleeding vampires, nightclubs and mayhem film starring Michael Madsen, DMX Vinnie Jones, Kat Von D, Armand Assante and Rachelle Leah
  • Room in Rome / Une Chambre a Rome racy vacation/ break up / rebound romance
  • The Phantom (TV) Superhero 2-parter for Pay TV
  • Pirates of the Caribbean BluRay Trilogy has a 7-Disc 3 Film set on BluRay. 7 Discs!
  • Shaft 2000 version with Samuel L. Jackson, Vanessa Williams and Christian Bale for a mere $4.95 (on Amazon.ca)
  • 127 Hours James Franco stars in this human spirit/survival biopic from director Danny Boyle
  • Love and Other Drugs romantic comedy with a prescription drug salesman (Jake Gyllenhaal) and ...wow, I don't know what Anne Hathaway's character does in the film other than being able to read people and be sexy.

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Lance et Compte / He Shoots He Scores not currently available at Amazon.com

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