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A Shine of Rainbows (DVD Review)

Image: Courtesy of eOne Films.

Dir: Vic Sarin (Partition)
Cast: Connie Nielsen, Aidan Quinn, John Bell, Jack Gleeson, Tara Alice Scully, Niamh Shaw
Canada/Ireland, 2010

Reason to see: Looks inspiring and warm hearted

A Shine of Rainbows follows orphan Tomás (John Bell), who is appears shy and skittish through his orphanage upbringing full of brasher and bolder boys. But Tomás has a kind spirit and sense of whimsy, something which is not only seen but shared with the lovely Maire O'Donnell (Connie Nielsen), who comes in to Tomás life to offer a more colourful option to the drab orphanage.

Venturing to Corrie Island off the coast of Ireland, is new for Tomás with the open air and water, virtually surrounded by nature at every angle is very different from the city orphanage. Although it's unusual it's a welcome change even if it takes a bit of getting used to not only for Tomás, but for Maire's husband Alec (Aidan Quinn) whom is a little less eager and enthusiastic.

The heart of the film is really in the magic of the relationships, and how seeing, believing and encouraging someone can have a monumental effect on them for the rest of their lives. How even the simple act of being kind or open, the gesture to let someone make up their own mind in heir own time, can bring a beautiful sense of self and strength. I really loved how A Shine of Rainbows showcased the power and effect of simple kindness, and how it can literally be life changing. I really enjoyed the gentle family relationship created between Tomás and Maire, and was particularly impressed with the performance by John Bell who really hold his own as the central character of the film. You are always rooting for him and encouraging him, hoping he'll see through enduring the drab orphanage days to enjoying and embracing the everyday adventures of Corrie life.

A truly inspiring and beautiful film, A Shine of Rainbows is a treat for families of all ages.

DVD Extras:
  • So Many Colours: The Making of A Shine of Rainbows (48 minutes) film clips, behind the scenes footage, production meetings and interviews with writer/director Vic Sarin, producer Kim Robert, producer Tina Pehme, Donegal County Film Liason Aideen Doherty, casting director John Hubbard, animatronics supervisor Neal Scanlan, dialogue coach Brendan Gunn, art department Cheryl Rock, costume designer Susan Scott, visual effects supervisor Dermot Shane, line producer Chris Rudolph, The Henry Girls, composer Keith Power and actors Connie Nielsen, Aidan Quinn and John Bell on the book, the appeal of the story, the adaptation, locations, casting, working on a co-production, working on location in Ireland including challenges of the weather, challenges of magical realism, creating the visual effects, creating the music and the importance and significance of colour in the film and the films message.
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Shannon's Overall View:
I enjoyed it
I'll watch it again
I'd recommend it to fans of inspiring films & family films

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Image: John Bell and Connie Nielsen star in A Shine of Rainbows Courtesy E1 Entertainment

Image: Tara Alice Scully as Nancy, John Bell as Tomás, and Jack Gleeson as Seamus Courtesy of E1 Entertainment

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