Thursday, 21 April 2011

Movie Moxie Podcast 34: In a Better World & Political Films as a Genre

This week on the Movie Moxie Podcast Shannon chats about the Oscar winning Danish/Swedish co-production In a Better World, takes on Political Films as a Film Genre and as always takes a look at DVD releases of the week and what is heading to the theatre this Good Friday/Earth Day! We also have a return to the Question of the Week which took a wee hiatus last week.

Show Notes
0:00 – 1:10 - Introduction
1:10 – 4:50 - News
4:50 – 18:50 – In a Better World Review
18:50 – 26:15 – Political Films as a Film Genre
26:15 – 34:00 – Question of the Week
34:00 – 36:00 – DVD releases
36:00 – 39:45 – Upcoming Next Week
39:45 – 40:52 – Outro

Question of the Week: do you feel that a film is ‘better’ when you relate, resonate and recognize the truth in the journey of the protagonist? Let me know your thoughts!

Show notes

Political Films As Genre Show Notes
  • Wikipedia Definition: Political Cinema in the narrow sense of the term is a cinema which portrays current or historical events or social conditions in a partisan way in order to inform or to agitate the spectator. Political cinema exists in different forms such as documentaries, feature films, or even animated and experimental films.
  • List of All Political Films reviewed
  • I mentioned both In the Loop and Four Lions as political comedy films that I’ve enjoyed.

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